3 Wishes Studio – a new blog

I’m starting 2010 with a new web site and new blog.  The web site is still under construction, so please check back for updates and the blog is a learning experience.

My business web site is www.3wishesstudio.com, please check it out.

I will blog about my life as an artist, a gardener, cook and of course about my babies.  From time to time there we will be blogs about nothing  – ramblings that aren’t relevant to any of the above.

I will write about these things, because they are all apart of the art that I create.  What inspires me and my work.

If you don’t know me or my work here is a chance to jump on board and learn along.

I am a fused glass mixed media artist.  My studio is on my property in rural Fluvanna, VA where I live with my husband, and at this writing 10 cats, 2 dogs, 7 koi ,2 golden orfs, and hundreds of gold fish.  These numbers are subject to quick change.  Just part of living in the country and the fact that for many years I have taken in abandoned, abused, stray animals.  Though I have been saying that I am no longer taking on any more, I’ve eaten those words a few times.

At one time we had 26 cats and 11 dogs, so the numbers are definitely down.

My artwork includes inspiration from my pets, my travels and nature

Path leading into the studio

welcome to 3 wishes studio

welcome to 3 Wishes Studio

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