Back to Basics And a glass, or two of wine

After five long days without power and phones, due to yet another winter storm things are finally starting to get back to normal.

I had plenty of time to catch up on reading and snuggling with the cats – no phones, no internet distractions.

Charles and I spent two days with the chainsaw  removing the fallen trees and limbs just so we could get out of the driveway.  The highway department did a pretty good job of clearing the roads in front of our house.  They also came regularly to clean up the many, many fallen trees from our property that were blocking the road.  Also I must thank several unknown citizens (at least half a dozen that I am aware of) that stopped and removed our trees blocking the road.  We simply could not keep up with the tree removal.

Charles works on clearing trees from driveway

Kim hauls branches from driveway

VDOT uses plow in near whiteout condition to remove our fallen trees

This Cedar wood is so beautiful, I feel I should make something with it.

Charles removes another of our trees from the road

Charles at work

Over the years we had become quite accustomed to going for days on end without power, it used to happen pretty frequently.  In more recent years it has only been for a day or two here and there.

I was able to brush up on my wood stove cooking skills this storm.   I did enjoy myself, however it is quite nice to have the power back.

Among the many things we cooked on the stove our favorite was the roasted chicken with mixed vegetables and fresh herbs!

Good start to the day, eggs cooking in cast iron on wood stove

Digging out the rosemary to use for cooking. One of Holly's garden trellises marks the spot.

I layered the bottom of the roaster with potatoes, onion, parsnips, carrots, and garlic, fresh herbs.

Chicken is dusted inside and out with pepper, smoked paprika, hot Hungarian paprika, poultry seasoning and about 6 gloves of garlic and finally stuffed with fresh rosemary and thyme

Roaster Pan on stove. It took about 4 hours - the house was filled with heavenly scents!

Vegetable scraps ready for the compost pile. Lately the deer have been getting most of them.

The roasted chicken is ready for carving!

These mermaid dishes are my favorite - and a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of our snow storm!

You may notice in several of these photos, I do use art that I create as well as objects from other artists.  The platter and dishes above are from one of my favorite artists, Diane of DianeArtware, an artist who went to the Caribbean with her husband on vacation and stayed.  Her personal story inspires me.  I bought my first piece of her pottery our first trip to St. Thomas and I continue to add to my collection during my travels.  The colors in her pottery were also the inspiration for the colors we painted our home.

I think I have almost as much of my sister Holly’s work of  Hurricane Art Metal in my garden as I do of my own.  One of her trellises is picture with the Rosemary.

I love wine, and I enjoy recycling those bottles. Left is used for my olive oil and right my dish soap. Each has pieces of my fused glass attached.

One of my spoon rests

Power restored, yesterday I spent the day doing computer work, behind the scenes stuff,  including creating  a new page on Facebook, please follow 3 Wishes Studio on Facebook.

Paige, a young woman that lives and works as a farm hand across from us; spent some time with us during the outage.  Paige is young, 95 pounds maybe with her pockets loaded and her heavy work boots on and is cute as a button.  I would just hate her if she wasn’t so darn nice!  She said it was like “going back to Little House on the Prairie Days.”  Yes it was – and in-spite of the 5 days without a bath thing it was okay –  although I believe I was at my limit.  I conclude today by saying I am thankful for good neighbors and good neighbors bringing wine!

Paige brought us this bottle of red wine Goats Do Roam in honor of the goats on their farm. And yes, that is one of my paper towel holders.

I’ll pick out another one of my favorite warm weather photos and leave you with warm thoughts!



Captiva Island, FL

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics And a glass, or two of wine

  1. Kim,

    I so enjoyed reading your blog. I especially liked seeing your meals on the wood stove. Really nice that you can cook there when the power goes out! Fun! I love how you incorporated pictures, artwork into your stories. You should write a book!

    When you go into Kim and Charles’ house all you can do is stare, there’s something magical in every space in their house. You don’t want to leave, there’s good energy there. Kim’s creativity and genius show up in her amazing artwork. It’s a privilege to be able to be a part of it!

    I want the mermaid plates! Love those!

    Good luck Kim!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Ok Kim, here are my answers:
    #1. One.
    #2. 13 years.
    #3. Purple.
    #4. My secret jobwould be detective work because I like busting bad guys.

    Love the kitschy plastic chickens, how fun!

    Enjoying reading your blog girl, keep it up!
    Best Wishes

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