Then and Now and Dragons Fly

Herb Garden then

Herb Garden now

As is often the case, when I went for my walk today, I took my camera.  I keep my pictures from my camera on a slide show on my computer, so when I walk into my office I see them immediately.  Because of  the slide show, I realized today that many of the photos I took today and in recent days were of things that I also took during the summer months.  I decided I would share my then and now with you.

While I think the snow is beautiful and it lends a certain hush that I find quite relaxing; I’m really not a cold weather person.  I guess that might be abundantly clear if you follow my art at all.  I’m really longing for some warm temps and just the ability to go out without 5 layers of clothing and having cold feet all the time, not to mention all the dirt that we seem to be constantly tracking in with the snow.  UGH!  Enough whining, well at least for now.

I got off track a little there – back to what I was about to show.  The then and now photos, the contrast of the vivid colors of summer compared to the now photos.

Studio sign then


float on our pond then


Holly's Garden Stake then

Holly's Garden Stake now

I’m often asked how I come up with my ideas for my art.  Sometimes, I honestly don’t know where the idea came from. I usually say it is because of inspiration from travels, my animals, or nature in general.  Often I create things related to what is going on in my everyday life.  Only I add a little color and drama!

My ponds are an incredible source of  inspiration for me.  I often start my day with a cup of coffee there,  eat lunch there, and end the day with a glass of wine, weather permitting.  Camera almost always in hand and often with my inspiration pad, which is an inexpensive note pad that I carry with me.  I write down ideas or draw my thoughts here.

Looking toward the big pond

Back side of pond looking toward the house

Small pond


Dragonfly Dance Mirror

Dragonfly necklace - fused glass with copper inclusion

Dragonfly garden stakes created from recycled steel & wine bottles

Just a few of the many items that I have made because of  inspiration from those beautiful dragon and damselflies on my pond.  A few of these items are still available for purchase at and of course, I remind you that I still accept custom orders.

Today I am going to leave you with a twist on my warm weather photo, in honor of the dragonflies.  I am going to post a photo from my collection and I am going to start a contest.  I will ask a question and I hope to receive a response from my readers. You must leave a comment in the section at the end of the blog in order to be eligible to win.  The winner will receive a free dragonfly design of mine.  More details to follow in the next blog.

I have  taken all of these photos, they have not been altered in anyway, other than to crop & compress.

Anyone may enter the contest, your responses must be polite and suitable for all audiences.

Your contact information will not be shared with anyone.  You will not be contacted to purchase anything.

Okay, here is the first photo  – have fun, and remember you must leave a comment in order to be eligible to win!  However, please feel free to leave a comment about any of these photos, the blog in general – even if you do not desire to enter the contest.

With all of my photos, click on it to view a larger version if necessary.



How many Dragon/Damsel Flies are in this photo?

7 thoughts on “Then and Now and Dragons Fly

  1. I see one lone dragonfly perched among that leaf.
    Or is it a reflection in the water that could make two I might see?
    No, it is just the one lone dragonfly that is as mighty as he.

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