Whacky Wednesday – Dirty Feet

My feet are clean! What is she talking about? I resent the implication and just for that I'm going to walk on something clean! Clark the cat

Have you heard about the snow?  There has been a lot of it here this winter.  Everybody has been talking about it.  What is anyone doing about it?

Lots of melting snow =’s dirty feet.  In and out of the house.  Dirty feet everywhere!  Little feet, big feet, mostly cat feet.   A man, a woman and 10 cats that come and go in and out of the house all day long.  9 cats times 4 feet equals 36 feet plus 1 cat with 3 feet for a total of 39 cat feet plus 4 human feet equals a whopping 43 feet.  Dirty feet everywhere.  I had to wipe the paw prints off the key board before I could even write this life changing, world event reporting feat, or is that feet?

This concludes whacky Wednesday.

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