The colors were calling – Question #3

Front door - sign should read warning disaster area!

I went into the studio yesterday.  It had been awhile since I spent some time in there.  I have a pretty good inventory right now, and no custom orders pending. So it was easy not to be back in the cold shop.  I really hate working in the cold, my fingers and brain don’t work so well and the glass doesn’t cooperate.

I heat the studio with a woodstove, but right now it has a cat bed on top of it

The deep snow made it difficult just to go back there, and now that it is melting it is quite the muddy venture.  I often take winters off to recharge my creative spirit and to think about new projects for the upcoming season.

I had this urge, something was pulling me back to the studio.   Was it the dancing mermaids over the doorway?

The mermaids swim above the door

I stood in the doorway looking at all the unfinished projects and the CLUTTER everywhere.  At first I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw.  Certainly it couldn’t have been all that chaos in there, that I was anxious to see.

I take a look inside and seriously consider just closing the door and walking away

projects on workbench

Slowly, slowly I started the process of organizing unfinished projects, inventory and packing material, and wrapping paper leftover from holiday orders. Stacks were all over of inspirational books and magazines, and inventory that I had pulled out to photograph for promotional purposes.  Odds and ends and bits and pieces that I don’t always know what to do with, but I just can’t seem to part with because I am a pack rat, were scattered everywhere.

Before I knew it,  just like a kid in a candy store, all the colors the many, many colors were pulling me and calling to me, and I must answer.  There I was daydreaming and thinking of new projects  and playing with all that colorful glass.  I know it won’t be long before I’ll be back with Jimmy playing loudly in the background (in case you didn’t know, I’m a Parrot Head) while I dance and sing along out of tune, and create my tropical fantasies.  Spring must be on the way, right?

glass scraps are always saved for the next project

Glass arrives in large sheets which I cut into small pieces and stack on tables and shelves and the floor - okay so it is everywhere!

the glass saws are lined up and ready to be used

the kiln is ready too

Question #3 in the contest

What color is the siding on the outside of my studio?  It is my favorite color.

3 Wishes Studio web site has all the complete contest rules posted under the tab “contest”.

To enter the contest, sign up over on the right hand side of this screen. Enter your email address for updates.  Then enter your answer to each of the questions under the comment section.  I must approve each comment before they will show up on the screen.  This is the third question, with more to follow.  You must answer all questions to qualify.  Good Luck to all.

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