Rusty Rooster, shiny eggs a trip to Washington, DC. Question #5

It has been a very busy 2 weeks for me.  On the road here and there.  Catching up with old friends and family, all of it was just wonderful.  Sometimes you just need to stop and take time to actually be with people.  All the blogging, emailing, and FB and card sending in the world just can’t compare to a good ole face to face.

I just got back from a quick trip to the DC area, and I must say, I had a once in a life time experience, which was just beyond words. (you all know who you are, thank you – it was an honor) Had a wonderful time with wonderful people and exceptional food, lots and lots of exceptional food.  But the hectic lifestyle up there and the traffic!  Good Lord!  THANK GOD I’M A COUNTRY GIRL!!!!

Here is what is left of the fresh eggs

Upon our return Friday, we found our friend Debbie, had left us fresh eggs.  Her chickens, I forget what breed they are, lay the sweetest little eggs.  When I say they are small I mean they are small, but the flavor!  It is always such a treat for us to get these from her, but this time it was extra special.  Something about coming back to our simple little country home after being up there in the big city with all those high power mucky mucks and the glitz and glamor, to such basic comforts and to receive such a simple gift – perfect!  I opened the refrigerator and found those eggs in there you would have thought I won the lottery!  Charles and I had the best dinner that night of eggs, bacon and potatoes.

About the contest – It is winding down and a recap may be in order.

Question #1 From the Blog dated 2/15/2010 Then and Now and Dragons Fly #1 How many dragon/damsel flies are in the photo?

Question #2 From the Blog dated 2/21/2010 Walk in my shoes.  #2 How many years have I been selling my art?

Question #3 From the Blog dated 2/26/2010 The colors were calling.  #3 What color is the siding on the outside of my studio? It is my favorite color.

Question #4 From the Blog dated 3/5/2010 A troll, a cow and a pink palm tree. #4 What job did I secretly want to have?

Question #5 follows…

First Place, win a similar mirror - custom made for the winner!

Second Place Garden Stake - similar item custom made for the winner

Third Place a pair of dragonfly earrings - your choice, or

Third Place - winner may choose either earrings or this wall tile.

Complete contest rules and information are available on my web site under the tab contest.

When I first started selling my art I worked with steel, rusty steel, that was all the rage back then and because that was what I had available. We had an old barn that had collapsed and I had lots of rusty metal from the roof.  I worked with a plasma torch (my first tool gift from Charles) to cut the steel, and not being very original one of the fist things I made were a chicken and a rooster.  I progressed from there and made and sold a lot of rusty creatures.  I have a few of these items left over.

My rusty rooster garden stake

My work has really changed over the years, and I like to think that my ideas are a lot more original.  I enjoy working with found objects and things that I have, if you will remember I’ve stated before I am a pack rat, I find that I am reusing some of my old designs and incorporating them into new ideas.

Here is one of my current projects.  This piece has been on my work bench for about 6 months now.  I add a little to it and then walk away until another time.

crow with a crown

The rusty metal crow I made several years ago.  I’ve included my fused glass to give him a new attitude.  The crown was just added this past week.  The colorful  fabric I purchased on a trip to the Caribbean, it is intertwined with rusty barbed wire, which I formed into a wreath.   I’ll continue to add  found objects.  Who knows what will be added next.

Question #5 I cut this crow out of steel using what tool? It was the first tool Charles purchased for me.

Good Luck with the contest.



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