I hate to follow the rules, even my own! End of the constest.

I thought everyone loved free stuff.  I thought wrong.  Free art give away contest at 3 Wishes Studio ends.

I started my blogging in earnest back in February.  I’ve had other blogs, but didn’t stick with them.  This time I had hoped that it would be easier for me to follow through and write on a regular basis.  My thoughts were that if I started a contest it would start a dialog that would help me learn about my customers and in turn they about me.   The reward to them being a chance to receive a piece of art made especially for them.  I don’t think I accomplished this.  For me, I had  hoped to acquire some discipline, which I don’t think that has happened either.  Over the past several weeks, I have considered pulling the plug on the contest and just scrapping the entire thing.   Even as I write this I wonder if I should just do that.  However, I feel like I must stay true to my word and true to the few people who followed along with the contest.  To them I thank them for their support.

I had an idea of how I was going to end the contest today, but things do change and one of them being that my camera broke this weekend on my trip back home from Florida.  I am completely at a loss without my camera.  I take photos every single day, if you know me at all you know my camera goes everywhere with me.  I catch a lot of ribbing from people about my camera habits, but that’s okay, I receive a great deal of satisfaction from my photos, even if I don’t have great skills with the camera.

I started the contest with photos from the pond and that was how I was going to end the contest.  It wasn’t meant to be, so I’ll end with just a photo essay.

Charles and I vacationed in FL last week, we took tripod cat with us and that was a blast.  My mother-in-law, Alice and her sister Loretta joined us.  We were even able to slow things down to a crawl.  One morning we were so blissfully lazy we spent hours lounging out on the lanai in our PJ’s, talking over coffee and not in a hurry to do anything.

Kim, Aunt Loretta & Alice. We either got fleas or we were doing the monkey dance. I'm gonna get killed for this one!

I never pass up an opportunity to walk on the beach and collect shells and driftwood for my next project.  I can loose myself for hours doing this simple act.

Aunt Loretta and Alice help look for shells

Back at the house TC enjoys watching a bug in the pool.  Turns out that cats really love vacation too, or at least this one did!

TC watches a bug spin around in the pool

lazy gator in our back yard. I love trying to take their picture. It is a challenge because they are so shy, the minute they realize I am there they go under.

This egret wasn't shy at all though and didn't mind me taking his picture while he hunted for breakfast.

My camera broke in the car on the way home, I was trying to take a picture of TC and Charles.  They were so cute, Charles driving and TC riding shotgun.  TC loved to sit on the console between the seats co-piloting.  This is the last photo I got.

TC the co-pilot!

Ending the contest, this I have learned.  I still lack discipline and hate to follow the rules, even if I make the rules.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  I cherish the friends I have and their support.  You are never too old to learn something new about yourself.  Even the most feral of cats, given food, shelter and lots of love will eventually come around. And finally, I miss my camera!

Until the next time,

Cheers! Kim

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