I should be working, instead I’m gonna write a country song – poor pittiful me!

Where there is hope

Yes, I should be working.  I’ve a list a mile long.  However, I’m feeling a little melancholy today.

Yesterday, Charles was hurt while working.  Our doctor has referred him to an orthopedic surgeon, so while I wait to hear of that outcome, I needed something other than work to occupy my mind.  He did not want me to go with him to the doctor, you know – the big strong man type doesn’t need the wife hanging around wringing her hands at the dr’s.  Charles is a rock, not only for me but for a lot of other people too.  Kind of hard to watch such a big strong guy, limping around pitifully.

Tomorrow, my dad will be in the hospital having a procedure and my mother is in declining health.  I’ve just learned in the past couple of weeks that my dog Clyde, has cancer as well as my cat Betty, who is also in kidney failure.  Seems all this keeps piling up.  I feel like I should go cry in my beer and write a country song.

Instead, what always brings me joy is going out with my camera to the garden.  To heck with work –  out with the camera, still using that crappy ole camera, but it was good therapy.

lilac and butterfly

The lilacs are exceptionally beautiful this year, one of the benefits of having a good long hard winter like we had.

this would have been really cool, if the focus was better

Wild violets, they are my absolute favorite!  Some true lawn snobs would be horrified to have all these growing wild in their lawn, not me it is a definite cause for celebration in my book.

wild violets

We have creeping vinca everywhere, in-spite of Charles’ efforts to remove it.

creeping vinca

A bird feeder, just waiting to be used.

I made this feeder, about 10 years ago, looking kind of shabby now, but it still functions.

It is truly a beautiful spring day, and there is so much to be grateful for.  I just needed my photos to give me a poke and remind me.

I don't have many tulips any longer

My constant companions, are along for the photo tour too.

joey jumps up on my shoulder while I bend over to take a pic. I take a shot over my shoulder of him.

The wind is blowing so incredibly hard, as a front is moving in that will bring rain later today and tonight.  I have a great deal of trouble with the focus because of the wind blowing everything.

apple blossom

asian pears

tiny grapes and leaves

sour cherry

The fruit should be bountiful this year.

fountain in the pond by the studio


who are you calling crazy?

a project from the kiln gone bad, but I'll still turn it into something

crushed glass and marbles in the path leading to the studio. Pure magic when the sun hits it!

So much to be grateful for.  And the news is good, Charles does not need surgery.

I guess I won’t write that song after all.



One thought on “I should be working, instead I’m gonna write a country song – poor pittiful me!

  1. Sure glad Charles doesn’t need surgery! And your ole crappy camera takes gorgeous pictures – or would that be the photographer? 🙂

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