Break down time, a little organized chaos, please

After the 3 Wishes Studio open house, the mad rush began for me to pack everything up and store it away.   This process is quite a lengthy one.  Unfortunately time was not on my side, as I needed to quickly move on to something else and Charles was back at work on Sunday.  I began the process alone – well never alone, the cats supervised the entire time.

The process begins of the booth break down.

Two tents loaded to the gills with inventory. First the front tent sides come down. The inventory would ordinarily be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into tubs. This time however, everything was placed haphazardly in the studio. The tables, pedestals and shelving units are all taken down. The support bars that give strength to the pro-panels, which are the soft walls that form the back drop for the displays, come off. The pro-panels are a large investment for the booth & need to be carefully taken apart, each panel is in two pieces. They have boxes that they are stored in, but not this time.

A few hours into the break down, Henry decides he needs a rest.  Mr. Bonez, in the photo above, to the left, supervises the entire event.  He is my velcro kitty anyway.

Henry takes a break.

One of the things that I really enjoy about doing shows, is that I have the chance to see many of my designs all at one time.  I get to see how each item relates to each other, and think about changes I may want to make, and get fresh ideas for new designs.

The left side of the tent was mostly jewelry with Justine's beautiful photography in the back. Lots of small pieces to pack.

The Bad Hair-Day Angels were displayed in the center of the booth.

Right side of tent with a little bit of everything.

The inside of my studio looked like a disaster area after I put everything inside, even more so than normal.  Actually, I like to think that on a regular basis, my studio is in a state of organized chaos.  Generally it looks pretty cluttered and messy, but I can usually tell you where anything is at any given time.

Pro-panels, inventory and stacks of stuff everywhere

One of my work benches - piled high.

The tents are stored in the studio for the time being too.


The studio is locked up and I must walk away until the following week.  Upon my return, I know that the time has come for change to the display area.  This is pretty exciting scary for me.

Kim enters the studio, changes have taken place

Join me for the studio transformation, next time.



3 Wishes Studio

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