From the desk of the ungrateful snot. Now that I have whined, I’m gonna go have some cheese!

Okay, my ego has gotten the best of me.  Has that ever happened to you?

I knew that an article about my art was coming out today in the Fluvanna Review. Icky weather kept me from going out first thing this morning to get a copy. With excitement I just couldn’t contain,  I went on-line to find the article.  Much to my horror, right smack dab in the center of the article was the most perfectly clear photo of the one item I make that I don’t care for anyone to know I make!  UGH!  Horror upon horror how could this have happened?

Kim with her Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Boards. Photo by Orion Holen, Fluvanna Review

Photographer Orion Holen, was present at the open house on May 1st, taking many photos of me, my work and the studio.  I was thrilled, I’ve seen his work and I know of his accomplishments.  This could only be good.  I had this premonition however, when he took a photo of me with my melted wine bottle “Big Butt cheese boards”, that this would be the one photo that was published.

Soon thereafter, someone made the mistake of asking about the wine bottles, I was in the comfort of my studio, and I went on a rant, about “the stupid stinking melted wine bottles.”  The only item I have ever made that is not my own original design.  It was the first thing I made when I  got my kiln, just like so many others before me.  It is a great way to learn about working with glass without all the expense.  I made and sold a ga-zillion of these things.  I used to sell my work at a lot of wine festivals, and I always knew that if I couldn’t sell my own designs that the sale from the bottles would cover my expenses.  Sometimes in order to make a living you have to make a difficult decision.

Plenty of space, combined with a desire to move the remainder of those bottles, and the fact that once again I had expenses I needed to cover, made me go ahead and display them at the open house.  From the very beginning, I was irritated with myself for selling them, and so to ease my mind, I put my stamp of creativity on the whole thing by coming up with an amusing name for them and information tag.  I even heard someone say at the open house, it was worth purchasing the bottle just for the tag.

I’ll grant you that there are plenty of people out there making and selling fused glass.  For me, the thing that has always made me the proudest about my work and that I felt I could say this is why you should buy from me, is my unfaltering rule of being true to myself and never copying another persons work or worrying about what the latest trend is, or using ready-made patterns.  My work may not be the most technically challenging or require the greatest of skill, but it is always 100 percent original and made completely by me.  You won’t find the items I make in a big box store, or every catalog as the latest and the greatest,  what you will have is an original creation that I made from my heart.

I’m still thrilled about the article,  I want to thank Page Gifford for her time and I am happy that my local paper thought enough to include me in their art section. I am also hoping that you all won’t think I am an ungrateful snot, I just needed to get that off my chest.  I will be the lady at the local store grabbing a large stack of  the Fluvanna Review to pass along.  I’ll bring it home, reread the article –  most likely while I am sipping some wine and eating cheese served on my Big Butt Wine Bottle serving tray.

And yes, those “stupid stinking, Big Butt wine bottle serving trays” are available for purchase.

Until the next time,



3 Wishes Studio

6 thoughts on “From the desk of the ungrateful snot. Now that I have whined, I’m gonna go have some cheese!

  1. Personally, I absolutely LOVE the Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Trays and yes, I purchased one! The story tagged on to it is absolutely adorable and yes, that is what sold me. Now, how to keep that on there while serving and not mess the paper up? Hmmmm…..I think you should begin to laminate them! LOL

    Love ya girl…..

    • When will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut? I’ve been sick ever since I hit the publish button on my latest rant! I thought I was learning how to let go and let things be what that will be. Apparently I have a ways to go. I thought it was about giving back to the community? Where was the photo of the little green alien? How did I get so lucky to have such a forgiving friend? If we laminate it, then we can lick the cheese right off of it right?

  2. Oh yeah – forgot to mention that I love, love love the picture of you behind the Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Trays! I just love saying that….Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Tray….Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Tray….Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Tray….Big Butt Wine Bottle Cheese Tray….

  3. I read this entry and smiled with relief. That is exactly how I feel! Like you have, I continue to bring them to market because I know at least one will sell and the day won’t be an entire waste in this economy!

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