Part II, A little organized chaos. I feel good!

Before I went off on a little ego side trip yesterday, I was about to post the second part of the studio transformation.

If you have been following along, I have issues.  Totally ridiculous, this  I know.  Short version,  for years I have sold my creations away from the area – I traveled to other locations and sold my work at art and craft shows where people didn’t know me, and I was unlikely to ever see them again.  I’ve decided it was time for me to reach out to people in my own community.  In order to do this I needed to let people know I was here.  Pretty straight forward, except for one thing.  I’m not comfortable with this idea.  This is an ongoing process and part of the transformation is cleaning up my act and opening the doors to the public.  ERR, that’s a hard one.

neat and organized

the sun shines through the display

TC checks out the changes

The Angels have a new home

Charles helped put up the new shelving and reworked the lighting.  I then sent him on his way while I worked on the display.  Later he came back to check out the progress.  He said it was “neat and organized.” GASP!  I now have more items displayed and they are easier to get to.  My display area is still pretty small, but more efficient. I believe I have retained that “good feel” I’ve been told my studio has.  I won’t reveal all the photos, you will just have to come and check it out for yourself.  The biggest transformation you won’t even see in the display, it is me learning to open my doors to the public.

I even had someone contact me earlier this week that wanted to come out and go shopping, and I let them!  This is actually someone I know and like very much. Previously I would have made some excuse and put them off or would have had them over, but it would have torn me up inside.  She came over, shopped and went on her way, never knowing how good I felt inside.

The studio will be open for shopping this weekend, May 15th & 16th, 10:00 – 6:00.   Directions are available on my web site under the tab “Studio”.

I hope you will come for a visit however, please do not bring your pets, thank you.

Until next time,



3 wishes Studio

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