I smell something old and funky – I can still hula!

3 Wishes Studio - an old funky building with an odor

I have read that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful and provocative of our senses.  It can trigger memories of happiness and sadness in just a heart beat.

Do you have a happy association with a particular scent?

This weekend, I opened the studio for shopping.  One of my visitors was a fellow artists and neighbor, although we had never met until this weekend.  She had studio space at the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville for 7 years, and is now following her dream of opening a studio at her home.  I can really appreciate how exciting that must be for her.

She commented  to her husband, while walking back to my studio about the path that I have worn in the grass going, back and forth, and how someday she too would have a worn path.  You just have to love that vision of her dream coming true.

When she walked into the studio her comment was “oh that smell”, fear gripped me, oh no, what have my cats done?  But just as quickly I saw the smile on her face and I knew it was okay.  She told me that she knew that scent from her grandfathers place. It was a good memory for her.

Never, has a visitor (maybe Holly, who is not only my sister but an artist too) mentioned that odor.   It is hard to describe, but it is the scent of “old”, old wood, and tools, a wood stove, and well it is just kind of hard to put into words.  The only other place I have experienced that scent was at my Grandpops in Pennsylvania.  He had this big old garage, with an upstairs work shop and a window that looked out over the covered bridge that crossed the creek in their back yard.  It was a true place of mystery and intrigue.  Grandpop had stacks and piles of a little bit of everything mixed in with tools and his woodworking equipment.  Mrs. Stover, their orange tabby cat had kittens upstairs.  The door that led up there was really old  with intricate carving on it – it was the coolest door ever.   I knew opening that door and going up those steps was sure to lead me on an adventure.  That is the same feeling I get every time I open my studio door.

For me, and apparently my artist neighbor, that old funky odor, isn’t so funky.  I guess it just takes one of those weirdo artists to appreciate it.

After I closed up the shop Saturday, Charles and I headed over to a pool party at Jackie and Gary’s place.  It is like going on vacation without leaving the county.  A beautiful home and pool and pool house, and the most gracious hosts, make you feel like you are at a resort.  Later in the evening as the stars came out so did the hula hoops!  What a blast from the past – must be 40 years since I tried to use one of those things.  I pulled every muscle in my body, as they say “makin’ a fool” of myself.  What a hoot.  A handful of middle-aged women, a little bit of wine (okay maybe a lot of wine) and a few hula hoops and presto the miracle of age defying behavior!  I want one of those that lights up – way cool!

Once more on Sunday, I had the studio open for shopping, and again I met for the first time more neighbors – very supportive neighbors, thank you.   Right now, I can say I am pretty happy that I have reached out to my community and they are slowly embracing my creativity.

We ended a great weekend with friends at our house.  A wonderful dinner and dessert that Charles prepared, eaten under the stars, with the bull frogs in the pond singing us a song.

Life is good.

Until the next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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