That’s me in the pink flamingo pajamas, standing in the check out line!

I headed out to the studio in my PJ’s this am, as I planned to write on the blog and of course wanted to include my photos; I had left my camera out in the studio last night.

Lately I’ve been caught wandering my property in my PJ’s, it is one of those pleasures of living in the country and not having close by neighbors.  On the morning of the open house, Jackie arrived very early in the most annoyingly chipper mood, and I was outside working in the yard in my PJ’s.  I like my mornings slow and quiet, just me a cup of coffee and the cats.  Anyway, I confessed to my mother-in-law in recent months about actually wearing PJ’s out in public, much to her horror.  I guess, I can understand her response to my revelation, but it wasn’t like I was sporting pink fuzzy slippers and had my hair up in curlers, looking like I just got out of bed.  It was much more thoughtful than that – I had all my underwear on, I had earrings on and I was carrying a pocket-book for goodness sake.  I was wearing cropped pants that happened to have pink flamingos on them, that just happened to be pajama bottoms, they look light and breezy and I’ve only worn them in Florida, where anything goes, okay and maybe in the Caribbean, and then there was that time…okay come to think of it, maybe I have worn them on more than one occasion.

In St. Thomas, do I really look like I am wearing my PJ's?

Where was I going with all this?  Oh yeah, I went out for my camera and then got involved piddlin’ with this and that, and before I knew it an hour had gone by.  I could hear my neighbors across on the farm mending their fence in full farm attire, and I’m back in fantasy land in my pajamas.  I realized I better get in the house and get to work on the blog.

I mentioned the other week that we had blue birds, visiting one of our houses in the herb garden, they came for two days, and then they moved on to another location, I was pretty disappointed about that.

blue bird at the house

This week birds started building a nest on our front porch, right above the steps, not a good location, but at least I have a good view of their activities.

the nest progress, right above is a wasp nest, which I want to remove, but don't want to disturb the birds.

This week in the project department I created these cute little “fish on a stick” pretty simple and straightforward.  They may be inserted directly into your flower-pot, or  garden.

fish on a stick

I’ve been wanting to create a project that incorporates my photography.  Years ago, my sister Holly gave me a beautiful card, which I have framed and it is in my bathroom, it was the inspiration for my latest project.  It has beautiful shimmering mica powder accenting the design.

set of cards using my photography, sparkling mica powder on the wings of the dragonfly, copper wire and glass beads accent the design on the side.

I’ve done more cleaning out in the studio, moved some furniture around and found this sign I used to have hanging in my antiques, flea market store,  I just may hang it up again, not sure yet.  Below are some photos from this past weeks activities in the studio.

general store sign

spices for crafts are displayed in big jars


I cleaned up my work area, then made a big mess, cleaned it up again, rearranged a bunch of stuff and now I don’t know where anything is…

champagne glass with glass beads

ben had the wrong time yesterday, so I got ready early for our weekly margarita meeting and I was on time for a change, just thought I would say that before Charles did!

those tacky souvenirs from my travels come in handy for holding "smalls", along with old cut glass punch cups.

Old champagne glass holds glass beads, another of the card projects, not completed yet.

speaking of tacky, I have one of those neon flamingos on the shelf at my bead board

Another hour has passed, I’m still in my pajamas, don’t come for a visit without calling first, I may be  wearing my flamingo pants.



3 Wishes Studio

7 thoughts on “That’s me in the pink flamingo pajamas, standing in the check out line!

  1. So, tell me….who made up the rule that you cannot wear your PJs out in public anyways! And by the way — your flamingo pants are adorable and do not look like PJs — so there! But then again, I too have been ridiculed from time to time for wearing my PJs out in public or in the yard (and I’m not so isolated like you). Mark seems to think if it’s clothing that I wear at night and sometimes to bed that I should not wear it during the day or how horrible it is if I’m seen in public in the same attire! Come on….it’s not like you can see through it or it is this lacy, flimsy type of material — is it? Good thing he wasn’t at home the day I troddled out in my nightgown (yes, a true nightgown this time) weeding the back flower beds and then absent mindedly made my way to the front yard and found things to do there too! Ahhh…..something about the cool breezes blowing up my gown that made it all the more enjoyable. I say — HELL YEAH to the PJ’s — wear them bold and wear them proud!

  2. Hi Kim
    I love keeping up with you via the Blog – I am a regular lurker. Things sound a little wild in the country – you prowling the grounds in your pjs. Does Ronnie still come by weekly – I remember then, articles of clothing being left in the bushes….ummmm

    I just lost Clara dog this week – so sad – my numbers are dwindling – still have Daisy beagle. I have to stop by for a small jewelry repair. Still waiting for a blog entry about the monster fish!!

    • Thank you for lurking! See all the stuff you are missing? I’ve been planning and plotting my next joke on Ronnie, as a matter of fact! Stick around, I just may blog about that too.
      So sorry about Clara, gosh all these geriatric pets, so hard to loose them. Daisy needs to come over and play with Betsy.
      Monster fish soon. Bring that jewelry repair by and we will have a margarita by the pond!

  3. at least you have on something. Not as bad as the time the jehovas showed up and I was nekkid in the corn patch. ahh the good old days….

  4. I’m with you on this one. If those young whippersnappers can walk around in their bras, why in the world can’t we walk around in our Pink Flamingo PJs??? If the designers made ‘outerwear’ as comfortable as PJs, they’d sell a ton more stuff, doncha think? And then there’s the whole “who gives a rip what YOU think” thang. People might be much better off looking in the mirror before making judgments on others. PJs ROCK!

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