someone answered the call. a time for everything

I believe in controlling your own destiny.  I also think there are things that are beyond our control and that things happen when they do for a reason.  Perhaps these two things seem contradictory and you say that I don’t make any sense.   Well, I often say things that don’t make sense, so why stop now.  All this from the person that recently confessed to being a control freak that was learning to let go.

It is my opinion that things do happen for a reason at a specific time and I may not always understand or like or accept at the time why these things happen.  I find that I most often question this when it is something bad that has happened.  Are you like that?

Something good happened to me recently, and I am not questioning it because I know that the time was just right.  I’d like to share this with you.

Several years ago when I first started working with glass one of the things I made was a series of heart-shaped necklaces.  They sold fairly quickly, except one.  I took that piece to every art and craft show for several years. Countless people picked it up and tried it on and many walked around in my booth with it in their hands while they shopped, and in the end they would put it back on the display.  I also had it listed on several different web sites that I sell off of.  It would receive more hits than most of my other pieces.  I tried raising the price, I tried lowering the price and then about a year ago, I added the metal “love” charm to the bottom of it.  The piece continued to receive a lot of attention, but remained unsold.

in this group photo the heart in question at the upper right hand corner

love charm was added to the bottom of the heart and at that time I named the piece "when love calls"

A few days ago the necklace sold.  Many pieces that I make are hard to part with because I feel a special attachment to them, some are not.  This one did not have any special meaning to me other than it was perplexing as to why it didn’t sell.

What is the definition of friend?  I’ve pondered this recently and my best conclusion is that there are a lot of definitions, just like there are different kinds of friends and different kinds of love.

Millie.  Millie, was at my wedding 22 years ago, she and her then husband knew Charles,  more so than me.  Millie is also friends with my sister-in-law, Terri (not to be confused with the Terri, that I will talk about later.)  Terri is blessed with a very unique group of friends, which includes Millie.  Terri has maintained contact with these ladies through all the good and bad times in all theirs lives.  Their story of friendship, is truly unique and special, I am happy to say that over the years they have included me in their group.

Although, I have always liked and enjoyed her company, I didn’t see Millie very much, perhaps a half a dozen times over the past 22 years.  Since it wasn’t that often, I felt the term friend was kinda of stretching it.  Perhaps acquaintance was a better term.  I thought friend was someone you saw or spoke with regularly.

Terri and her friends had made plans to celebrate Millie’s 50th birthday and they included me, unfortunately, I had already scheduled my open house for that same day.  Those sweet ladies, under the direction of LaDonna (yes, that same crazy lady you all have read about by now, is a member of that group) took it upon themselves to come and spend the afternoon at the open house, as part of the birthday celebration – truly a wonderful time.

I was so happy after the event that Millie emailed photos to me, because I was disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to take many of my own.  She also forwarded a link to me for artist Terri St. Cloud of Bone Sigh Arts. She thought I would enjoy seeing Terri’s work.  Which I did, I fanned her on Face Book, and I thought that was the end of that.  Terri has the gift of expressing her deepest thoughts into written words that are compelling and inspirational, which she combines with her watercolors, and sometimes photos.  Please take the time to learn about her work.

A week or so later I received an email from Terri St. Cloud, she told me that Millie had contacted her and thought Terri might be interested in including me on her monthly web site nod to other artists.  Terri asked me if I would like to be included, and of course I was thrilled and quickly accepted.  Recognition is always a thrill, but even more so when it is another artists that does it.  I don’t know what will happen when she includes me, will I meet new people, will it be a positive experience, will I receive sales as a result of this action?  I’m not sure what Terri will come up with on the site as far as information about my work, she had asked me if I wanted to have specific items mentioned, but I felt like since I am learning to let go and accept things as they happen, this would be a good opportunity for that process. Won’t you join me in this adventure?  I think she will include me on her web page in June.

Even if the thoughtful, kind and yes,  act of love,  by Millie, on my behalf, went nowhere, I know this to be the act of a friend.  It is especially meaningful to me, as I have trouble with self-promotion.

I think another week had passed, and then that day of the heart came.  There was an order for “when love calls”, someone had answered the call.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw the order was from Terri St. Cloud.  But then, it just felt right, it was the right time and the right person.  Although Terri tells me that she purchased the necklace as a gift, she may keep it for herself.  No matter, the time was right, the call was answered and it is on the journey to the proper destination.

I realize that there is a time and a place for everything.  I realize that I have more than just an acquaintance, I have a friend and her name is Millie, and maybe just maybe, Terri St. Cloud, is more than just a passing acquaintance.

until the next time,



PS   amendment to this post added Saturday am, Since you asked,

At the risk of this sounding like a commercial – please do not take offense to this

Yes, many of the pendants in the photo are still available for purchase.   I have made so much jewelry, and I can’t display it all at one time and I like to rotate what I show, so I pack up stuff, and then forget that I have it –  that is why many of these pieces are available.  They are $15.00, they do not come with a necklace, it is just the pendant, and finally, yes those are dragonfly, most of the findings are SS, a few are 14kgf.  You may contact me at 3 Wishes Studio.

Thank you all for your inquiries and especially all those lovely comments, keep me in your good thoughts, thank you, Kim

8 thoughts on “someone answered the call. a time for everything

  1. ah! how awesome!!! and i wouldn’t have even seen this except that pattymara just friended me on facebook cause she saw your blog and
    went to see my work!!! isn’t life just so incredibly grand sometimes!

    i like you, ms. kim….i really do like you!

    and the heart….isn’t that just amazing??? the minute i saw it i knew i had to get it………how cool to then read this post!

    smilin’ over here…….

  2. Terri St. Cloud is who pointed me here! I’ve known her for over 3 years and I can tell you from the heart: this is one terrific lady. She goes above and beyond to support, encourage and promote other artists (I’m one too). Her heart is a bottomless vessel, always looking for ways to give, give, give. And then there’s her work. MY OH MY! Count yourself blessed to know this remarkable lady.
    And…what YOU are doing is splendid! Love your pieces. Love this story. Love that you have found this circle of wonderful people.

  3. Hi Kim, I’ve got to comment on
    “I don’t know what will happen when she includes me,”

    Get ready for a magic carpet ride of love and laughter and connection with like-minded spirited women.

    What is it they call places like Sedona, AZ – a vortex? I think that is what Terri is. Her heart is so big and full that it draws people in. Terri’s radiant love rubs off on everyone that visits her site and when they leave they can’t help themselves, they’ve got to pass the love around. And the thing is I don’t think Terri even realizes the extent of her reach. AI swear she doesn’t do what she does for reward (well she does like to sell bonesighs, but the girl has to eat!) she just does what comes naturally (after a lot of hard work!).

    Congratulations on being picked as an artist of the month. You’ll fit in nicely. Your work is beautiful – full of heart.

    Be blessed. Embrace Joy. Know peace.
    Merry ME

  4. Wow, so you two connected. I’m so glad. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it a whole lot earlier, since you two seem like an ideal fit, but like you say, Kim, there’s a time for everything.
    I’m grateful for your kind words too–I don’t think using the term “friend” is stretching it at all. Feels right to me.

  5. To everything there is a purpose under the heavens! 🙂 And since I don’t believe in coincidence at all I know this was Divine Connection. How incredible and amazing! Terri is a loving, kind and compassionate woman and we all love her and we will love you too! For that is the way with women/sisters. Hope your ready for lots of hearts?

    I loved your heart art by the way…it is waaaaay cool!

    Blessings on the Gentle Winds to You!

  6. ohmygosh!!!!!!! i got the necklace!!!!! it is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    and ya know what?? it’s MINE! i’m not givin’ this away! lol!
    i love it!!!!!! will write you a note, kim………..
    thank you!

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