Bug love and baby birds, Please don’t use the front door!

from my chair, a view out to the pond

I’m not a very patient person.

I love insects and bugs and margaritas, however I do not like bugs in my margaritas.  And Charles doesn’t like them in his ear.

I can however, patiently wait for long periods of time with my camera,  to capture what I think is just the right moment.  On a recent evening, I went out to the pond with a margarita in hand.

My object of interest was a dragonfly that kept landing at the top of the float pole.  The float is pictured above, just beyond the margarita glass.

dragonfly lands on the top of the float pole

At first it seemed liked a normal dragonfly experience.  A sip or two later,

I zoomed in for a closer look

I swear he winked at me  and then he said “if you think that is something lady you should see me do push-ups and hand stands.”

wait a minute he is doing push-ups!


Ah yes, and the frog says I too can wait patiently for a dragonfly to come along. Yum!

frog in the lotus

I do so love my time at the pond.

For the second time in recent weeks, a visitor at the studio, mentioned that she and her husband were in the process of putting in a pond and we discussed all the benefits of bringing water into the landscape.  Ah, they are addicting.

As much as I love the big pond, I also enjoy the two smaller ponds we have as well.

damsel at the small pond

I rarely see a damsel, so in my excitement upon seeing this one, I’m afraid the focus wasn’t too good, and no, it wasn’t because of the margarita.

Out at the small pond by my studio over the weekend I saw for the first time a regal moth, or a royal walnut moth.  A very impressive creature and I was totally into capturing a photo or two…

Regal moth


even the markings underneath are beautiful

so soft and furry looking

Okay so a few weeks ago in the middle of the night Charles was woken up by a bug – it had flown into his ear, the buzzing and movement had Charles a little wigged out.  He tried several methods to remove the offending creature, with no luck.  The next day he went to the doctor and had it removed.  After which, the doctor opened the examining room door and invited the staff to all come in and see the little bugger and have a good laugh.  Charles brought it home in a plastic vial.  Turns out it was a moth.  It’s okay, you can go ahead and laugh, (after you get over the creep factor), I know I did.  At the time I was told that I was not to write about this event on my blog.  But, as they say time heals and Charles laughs about it now too.  After I finished taking all my photos of this furry dude, I called Charles to come back and see it.  His first remark was, “Thank God, that isn’t what flew into my ear.”  Yeah, it’s a good thing.

Speaking of catching bugs, my little Phoebe couple on the front porch have hatched their babies.  I believe there are two.  Mom and Dad fly back and forth all day long bringing the food.  I’ve declared the front door and porch off-limits until the babies learn to fly and move on – I don’t want to have any cat interference, because if we use the front door, so do the cats.  As I sit at the computer working I can look out the window and watch their activities, unfortunately, I can not seem to get good photos.

babies at last!

the parents take turns feeding babies

one of them keeps guard on the rooster on the porch

finally one of them comes and looks in the window at me while I am taking photos

Sweet little babies and bugs.  Just warms your spirit.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

One thought on “Bug love and baby birds, Please don’t use the front door!

  1. Bugs — I don’t like bugs. I don’t like bugs period whether they are in my margarita or not! LOL Now, I do wonder from time to time if you’ve partaken of some type of wacky bug juice before you write your blogs! Love em — just love em!!

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