If I were a dog I’d be waggin’ my tail! Palmtini’s for everyone!

Charles and I have traveled to other countries where we didn’t speak the language, but we found in most cases that a smile went an awful long way.

Over the weekend, while attending an outing,  my buddy Mark and I sat quietly talking about acts of kindness.  Our feelings – that it shouldn’t be that hard for people to extend charitable acts to others.  Gosh it makes you feel good in so many ways.  We talked about people that we know that just seem to be happy being unhappy,  and then they want an audience, you know that whole misery loves company thing.  What a waste.  Truth is though that often an act of kindness can really be pretty painful, that old boomerang thing “no kind deed goes unpunished.”  ah it happens.  Sometimes for me, when I try to do an act of kindness and it turns out to be a real pain in the ass, then that’s ultimately when I receive the most reward – but not always.

Kim, Mark & Jackie

My blog today is about things that make me feel good, photos of people laughing and having a good time and a few feel good short stories.  I’ve been fortunate this past week, in so many ways.  I feel like I have had the jack-pot week, because, so many people have extended acts of kindness to me.  I have truly received a block buster week of nice acts.  It feels good and I want to pass along that feeling.

Now, I know for most of us, we feel like why would you want to look at a bunch of photos of other people who you don’t know?  How boring is that – but my thought is that seeing people smile, and laugh and just having a good time, is a good thing and should be shared.

Acts of kindness should be shared with our animal friends too.  I mentioned that I have a turtle that comes twice a day when I feed the dogs, and partakes in their dry dog food.  My beagle, Betsy, is not so charitable, she does not share well and especially her food.  Betsy has caused a great deal of anxiety over the years, because she has snapped at the other dogs and started many fights over the food.  Therefore, it is rather remarkable to watch her allow the turtle to eat from her bowl first, she waits patiently for the turtle to finish and walk away.

this one just cracks me up - the turtle with that bright pink tongue and a chunk of dog food

Can't you just see that big smile - he has a firm grip on the food. After stuffing himself he grabs one last chunk for the road, and off he goes.

Betsy - finally I get to eat my food!

My sister-in law Terri, recently launched a new endeavor selling make-up. I can’t really say that I totally buy into this make up thing, but I do support my sister-in-law. She is one of those people who constantly extends acts of kindness and when someone asks me about her, I always use the term heart of gold to describe her.  The other night Terri had her first make-up party – she did a marvelous job of maintaining her professionalism, while the rest of us amused ourselves.  For some reason the head-bands that she gave us to pull our hair away from our faces while we did the whole beauty regiment, were, well lets just say rather amusing!

LaDonna, she can make some faces - I call this monkey lips - perhaps unfair to monkeys. Terri in the background trying to give her professional spiel and we are cracking each other up!

aarrgh matey - pirate Betty - okay she is really trying to remove her eye make up.

Help! my head band is choking me!

Claudia - fanning herself with her skirt, who knew putting on make-up would cause a hot flash! Dee is sitting there thinking - girl you need to get a grip!

ah Terri, true professionalism - while the rest of us make silly. She is a beautiful person inside and out - and yes has been known to act rather silly herself!

A different Terri – Terri St. Cloud of Bone Sigh Arts, has created an entire career around acts of kindness she is an inspiration for so many –  women in particular.  This week Terri launched a project to help young girls feel good about themselves, which inspired me.  I purchased one of her inspirational pieces and when the order arrived last week, in her true spirit of giving, Terri – had upgraded my order and included a little something extra.  If you know a young lady that could use some positive motivation in their life, you just might find something from the Bone Sigh Art site. Check it out.

A few months ago Charles and I had the opportunity to have a mini vacation down in Florida with his Mom and his aunt.  Somehow we got on the topic of martini’s and Aunt Loretta shared the story of going out regularly in days past with her co-workers for martini’s after work.  Saturday I received a package from Aunt Loretta – she sent a pair of martini glasses and a very nice shaker that were hers.  She is no longer able to drink alcohol and has passed this set of hand painted palm tree glasses to me.  What an honor – they have been carefully wrapped and will be making the trip down to Florida with me soon.  On the bottom of the glasses is hand written the following recipe: Palmtini – 2 parts Chartreuse, 3 parts pineapple juice, 1/2 part fresh lime juice.  I think I just may have to try this recipe.

Hand painted palm tree martini glass from Key West, I'll be going there soon.

At Karen & Ned’s place over the weekend, we were treated to a fantastic time of pure simple fun – good food and great friends.  We got to catch up with a big group of our friends that we hadn’t seen in a few weeks.  These pictures – they just make you feel good.

Jackie gets a big wet slobbery kiss from Basil

My friend Karen, a good deed doer – as the wizard called it on OZ,  rescued her dog Basil, pictured above, the reward being so big – this is one happy happy dog.  Basil knows she is living the good life now and is more than happy to share big kisses and a tail that never stops wagging.

I think Basil was really giving Jackie a thank you on my behalf. Jackie just got back from a trip to Mexico, we  finally got to catch up with her and hear the stories of that great trip and she presented me with two incredibly beautiful sarongs that she brought back.  I can’t wait to wear them on my trip to Florida.  I didn’t give her a big wet slobbery kiss, I settled for a hug.

Karen is pretty creative and came up with the idea of building a mini putt putt course in her front yard.  She wanted a fun project to do with her step-children while teaching them to be resourceful and use only the objects that they already had along with natural elements.  The end result was fantastic and I can tell you that all the adults enjoyed playing just as much as the youngsters.

Gary makes his first attempt - the challenge is getting the ball under the center of the tree trunk - Gary plays golf regularly this should be a piece of cake - not so much!

Jackie on the rock hole - she doesn't even play golf and managed to get a hole in one and out-score just about everyone!

Charles and the flaming marshmallow

We had hamburgers and hot dogs and yummy side dishes and ended with roasting marshmallows for smores.  Ah I felt like a kid again – fantastic!

Charles and I happened to also have dinner over at Karen and Ned’s house last weekend – lucky us – Karen made a nice appetizer out of fresh tomatoes and basil from her garden.  The presentation was lovely and I had a little gasp when I saw it, not just because the food looked so good but the plate she was using to serve it on had a special meaning to me.

Karen's appetizer of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

The plate came from Ned’s mother – but it brought back memories for me.  When Charles and I became engaged – off we went to register for china and silver.  I saw this set of beautiful dishes – blue flowers – a chintz pattern, but I thought that they were too “girly” for Charles and never mentioned to him that I wanted them.  We picked out another pattern together.  I’ve never forgotten that pattern and I’ve also never seen it since, until last weekend.  What a joy to see that pattern again in my friends home.  What a happy coincidence, thank you for sharing Karen – you are a wonderful hostess, a great cook and a beautiful person – surely all of your kind acts shall come back to you.

So while I’ve shared stories of receiving material things from people this week, it isn’t just about the items that I have received it is about how good I feel that other people were so kind and generous, I have received many gifts of love this week.  I’m waggin’ my tail and promise to pass on this feeling to others.

Happy, laughing people and you get those good endorphins going.  Pass it along.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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