Invincible King – Blueberry

Old King Edward box holds many of my treasures

Some years ago Charles and I took a couple of weeks of vacation time and went up north.  For part of the trip we rented a house in Bar Harbor, Maine.  You always hear about Maine lobster, and since I just happen to love lobster, I was really looking forward to having my share.  I must say though, as much as I love lobster, the crab meat up there is well – WOW, and if the lobster is good and the crab meat is great the blueberries are divine.  During one of our outings we purchased at this cute little farm stand, (for a ridiculously high amount of money) a pint of hand-picked local blueberries – our intentions were to take them back to the house and bake some muffins with them.  That never happened, those blueberries were so good that we ate every one of them in the car just riding around Acadia National Park.

I love blueberries and have known that they are considered a super food, yesterday afternoon on my ride home from a girls outing,  I heard on the car radio that consuming a cup of them a day has the same cholesterol lowering capabilities as a prescription – wow pretty good stuff.  How ironic when I got home Charles was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of blueberry pancakes for dinner – I could sleep tight knowing the blueberries counter-acted the bacon he also cooked!

Last post I mentioned I had been inspired to pull out my stash of hidden treasure and begin some projects that I have long dreamed of creating.  Here is a photo tour of my week in the studio.

as I head out to the studio in the morning I stop to admire the spider plant

seed pods from the spider plant

In my studio is this drawer set that I purchased at auction many years ago. Someone had creatively crafted a set of drawers using old King Edward cigar boxes. Inside each drawer was filled with stuff from the previous owner - who was obviously a crafter of some sort. I left the contents in place and have added pieces parts over the years.

one drawer holds various polishing and grinding wheels

this one seems to have your basic pieces of junk

on my work bench are also stacks of old magazines, newspapers and advertising items I have collected for years

about a year ago I purchased this old set of slide mounts, now I carefully take them apart to use the pieces of glass

clock parts

so after digging through all the clutter and arranging and rearranging all my found pieces here is the first piece I made - brass clock parts, silver wire, fused glass and simple washers complete the piece oh and perhaps you see a piece or two of cat fur, because...

this is what I refer to as work-place interference - before I can even take the above photo - I place the necklace on the table and lickety split...

what necklace?

necklace in progress

I call this one the scarf necklace - you drape it around your neck like a scarf

the scarf necklace brass, copper, silver & fused glass

I call this one the hiram walker necklace. Out of those old magazines I cut old advertising pieces, they are sandwiched between pieces of glass that I cut from the old slide mounts. They are taped with copper tape on the edges and then wrapped with copper wire.

the pieces are two-sided so that either side is of interest

graphic earrings

well once again, I have interference

this time Joey lends a hand, err, paw

I was going to show some of the earrings, maybe another time.

Having fun in the studio.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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One thought on “Invincible King – Blueberry

  1. Hmmm….I simply must have a piece of this new jewelry! I love the clock parts but need something on a piece of leather, rope, etc. that won’t break me out. Loving the creativity!

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