Identity Theft, The American Way. What if?

I’m going to use the term Identity Theft here because many people have been the victim of such and even if you haven’t, it really seems to upset and provoke one just at the possibility that it could happen.

Slowly and quietly little pieces of America are bought up or outsourced to another country.  Does this bother you?  Is this Identity Theft?  Is it realistic to think that we are an independent country?  When an American company is no longer owned by an American does it make you feel better to know that your fellow local citizens are being provided jobs and income?

Okay I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a particularly thick skin and I probably wear my emotions too closely to my heart.  Knowing this about myself keeps me from always expressing my deepest thoughts.

However, sometimes I open my mouth up and say things I shouldn’t.

My general rule of thumb is that I don’t discuss hot button issues like religion and politics, out in public – I’m not comfortable going there.  Generally I like to promote harmony and good will in my verbal and written actions.

Occasionally I have stupid moments and forget myself.  Sometimes freedom of speech flows freely after too many drinks.

I’m going out on a limb.

I have never cared for this: someone works hard to design, create, develop, make or produce an item of their own original thinking only to have that idea “stolen” by someone or some organization and then reproduced in another country and sold at a much lower cost and in most cases inferior quality.  This irks me.  I mean it really irks me.  This happens pretty regularly.  Isn’t this identity theft?

Now here is the what if:   Pretend I am an artist who works really hard to design and make my own original pieces.  I take pride in the concept that this is my own personal creation a little piece of me that represents who I am, where I have been and where I am going – this is my identity expressed through art.  Suppose however, I don’t make much money at it.  I have financial obligations that need to be met. Suppose the bills are piling up, I am about to lose my car, or my home.  What if things weren’t really all that bad – I just wasn’t making the money I wanted to make, but I was happy doing what I was doing and I slept good knowing I was true to myself.  Now remember, we are still supposing here,  – One day along comes someone that says they really like my ideas and my designs and that they want to pay me – pay big for the rights to those ideas,  (now remember they aren’t stealing  my ideas) but this would mean me giving up all my rights to the designs and that my ideas would be mass produced in some far away land, in less than favorable conditions,  and quality would be given up for quantity  – but, I was going to make a lot of money.

What if this happened?  Would I agree to such an offer?  Would my greed be the bottom line?  Is it greed to want to make a decent living?  What if it wasn’t all about me, what if I had a spouse or a partner that worked hard too and this would really take the burden off of them?  What if I had dependents – this would mean I would be able to provide better for them – what is wrong with that?

Isn’t recognizing opportunity and the chance to do better for yourself, the American way?  In this case, is the American way identity theft?

What if this happened?  What if this opportunity were presented to you?  What would you do?

While my finger hovers over the post button, much anxiety and turmoil build in my mind.  Should I just hit the delete button and let it go?  Do I really need to go here with these thoughts?

I have work to do and I need to get at it, someone may be waiting in the wings to recognize my talent and they may want to pay me for it.  Ahh, dreams that is the American way.  Isn’t it?

Until next time – I’m happily creating in the studio and dreaming big.



3 Wishes Studio

PS as I was about to go out on the limb and post this – my server went down.  Do you suppose that was a sign?

2 thoughts on “Identity Theft, The American Way. What if?

  1. And to think that I read this blog on the heels of reading that in 2009, 14.9% of the American population was at the poverty level? That’s just unacceptable!

    Glad you went out on a limb. I agree that it is identity theft BUT if the identity holder is willing to let it go that I guess you can’t call it theft. It’s more along the line of borrowing without the intention of ever returning it.


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