Closing up shop – it’s kinda like the stomach flu

Trust - one of my latest designs

Blogging is still a fairly new venture for me.  I still struggle with what to write when to write should I write.  When I started blogging in earnest this year the point was for my customers or fans of 3WS, friends, family and yes strangers to get to know me a little, and to understand where I was coming from and what was involved in the making of my creations.  My daily life is so interwoven in all aspects of my art-work that to know about my personal life is to know about my art. It is also about TRUST –   One big problem with all this is the fact that I am really a very private person, it is a fine line in revealing my personal life and my business life and what is too much information and what isn’t enough.  I have to trust that it is a good thing to reveal these things to a world of unknowns.  Another reason for me to start blogging was for me to get to know you too.

I was warned about opening up a can of worms in the past, asking people to share their comments, but I still encourage positive feed back and no that doesn’t mean you have to agree with what I am writing.  I have to trust other people.  I know I have readers out there that I don’t hear from – I don’t expect you all to respond that would be silly – but did you know that you can “rate” my posts and you don’t have to reveal who you are to me – rate  this post is at the top of each blog.  This will help me to know if I am totally boring you with my posts or if I am sharing good information.  A few people have done this over time and I’ve wondered who they were, but then I figured that would kind of be like knowing what is in your present before you open it.  Recently a reader revealed to me that they were one of the mystery voters.  It kind of gave me a good fuzzy feeling inside – but still a good mystery is fun too.

This has been one long week and it isn’t over yet.

First of the week I received word that one of my on-line market places had been sold to another company.   Boom, just like that no warning, no choice about the matter a done deal.  I really liked this market place, I felt at home there and felt like it was a good community of artist and crafters and I didn’t feel like my work was lost in the crowd.  It was a positive place to be, I trusted those that were in power to make and do the right thing for me and my fellow artists.  I was gearing up for the busy holiday season and planning my on-line holiday market.  I trusted this market place to provide an income for me in the next couple of months.  At the end of the month my little market would have been swept automatically into the new owner’s forum – That isn’t going to happen, as I have completely closed my shop and deleted all my listings.  The “new” place is the wrong place for me.  Part of my responsibilities to my business, is knowing what is and what isn’t the right venue to try to sell my work – and knowing that isn’t always so easy.  Sometimes it is very obvious as it was in this case.  I know some of you may be thinking that I should welcome the opportunity to sell at any venue – but it isn’t quite that simple.

Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly Necklace - a butterfly must go through a lot of change to finally reveal all the beauty within.

Soon after the announcement about the sale I was invited to join in on an on-line forum to discuss these changes and discuss other options, but before I could even participate in the first discussion – wham right out of nowhere I was hit with IT.  IT is some kind of ugly nasty knee crawling, porcelain god worshiping, from the bottom of the bowels icky – stay away from me thing – the good news – I’ve purged my system and I lost a few pounds.

I spent two days between the bed and the throne and would have stayed there again today just resting if I hadn’t made the commitment to help my folks out today in their time of need.  Upon my return to my computer this afternoon I found 100+ emails from my fellow artists discussing how they had all closed up shop rather than be pirated up into a location we all feel is wrong for us – I finally had to just hit delete without reading them all – sorry my head was swimming.  Besides, I don’t like to sit and dwell on the negative I want to move forward and think of what is new and around the corner.  I’ll just think of it as another purging and a chance to move on to something new and better.

Pirate earrings

I’ve been working so hard this year to make changes in my personal life, changes in my art and to experience new things.  I’ve also been working on changing my web page – my plans have been to present a new design at the first of the year showcasing my new work and the direction I am going – but sometimes the excitement gets the better of me and I pull the trigger before I should.  If I do reveal the new web page before the first of the year I’ll make an announcement here first.  Not so subtle are the photos, I’ve dispersed into this blog, using them to covey some of the feelings I have had this week.  One thing that hasn’t changed, you can still purchase from my personal web page at any time. 3 Wishes Studio.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

One thought on “Closing up shop – it’s kinda like the stomach flu

  1. OMG – I absolutely LOVE the butterfly necklace! And the little beads you put on the bottom of the pirate earrings are a nice touch. Hmmmm……

    Love ya girl….and love reading your blogs. You do make the so personal and that’s what I’ve always liked about them.


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