A few of my favorite things – meet TC – he doesn’t hang 10

Rockfish Gap Country Store

The other week I posted about the closing up of one of my on-line selling places and how sad I felt about the loss.  Soon thereafter my friend Karen,  introduced me to Kerry Gates, the owner of  Rockfish Gap Country Store, which is located in Afton, VA and happy happy – my items are now available for purchase in that store.  If you are in the area, please pay a visit – it is a nice drive, especially at this time of the year and the people are all quite friendly.  In the store among other things is a lovely selection of specialty gift items,  antiques, a year round Christmas display, gourmet food items from Virginia and a wonderful wine selection.

Also, worth mentioning mark your calendar for Oct. 30th – why? because these two sweet little ladies will be set-up outside the store selling the most incredible goodies.  I say this from first hand experience – they were selling their food last weekend when I was there and I purchased so much from them it was all wonderful.  I can recommend the pulled pork bar-B-Q, &  potato salad – their canned pickles the best.  Baked goods, yes they have that too – pumpkin muffins to die for and the best BEST oatmeal raisin cookies with coconut – OMG!  They even make dietetic goodies – my dad has diabetes and I purchased some special cookies for him and he gave the thumbs up on them too.  Check it out!  YUM!

These photos are not the best –  a little out of focus too.  I was just working on getting my inventory in the store and they were taken before the display was complete.

More of my items

a few of my items start going up on the wall and shelves

Jewelry and my holiday ornaments are being displayed in a separate case

I always like to say when one door closes another opens.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a successful partnership!

At long last we finally had some much-needed rain which reminds me of  A few of my favorite things:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Rain drops on red roses

Brown paper packages tied up with string – well sort of

Even better - Karen makes these oh so wonderful little boxes with the most incredibly beautiful paper - this one is so absolutely perfect for me, cats, pansy and violet flowers in shades of purple

Whiskers on kittens – he isn’t a kitten any longer – but meet TC

TC jumps onto my lap and snuggles - a very rare thing and I actually had the camera on the table next to me and quickly took a photo

TC is celebrating his year anniversary of owning us.

TC – stands for That Cat, but he is also known as Tripod Cat, Trouble Cat and Tigery Cat.  Sadly he had to have his left front leg amputated because of a severe injury he sustained before he officially adopted us.  TC was and still is in many ways feral.  He has made incredible progress in the year he has been with us, but we are still unable to pick him up (without the benefit of happy pills)  and only on rare occasions has he jumped up in my lap.  TC  has become quite friendly though and loves to be rubbed by his momma, and is learning to like attention from other people too.

Down in Florida, TC sleeps around too! Here he was napping with my girlfriend Claudia. Does this require an explanation?

He has traveled with Charles and I on two separate vacations from our home in VA  to our home in FL.  When we are in Florida, he has a completely different personality. There he loves hanging out on the lanai, watching the wildlife in the water in our back yard and snuggling in the bed with us at night.  He rides shotgun in the car on the console between the two of us when he isn’t sitting in my lap holding me.  I think he just prefers being on vacation where he is the only cat in the house and feels like it is all about him.

Spoiled cat even gets his own door installed in the slider leading out to the lanai, here he checks it out and thinks "wow I can come and go as I please now!"

When TC came into our life, he was starving, flea and tick infested, and was missing a great deal of fur as he also had a severe case of ringworm.  Not to mention his leg injury.  He is a sweet, beautiful addition to our family and  I should mention quite mischievous!   Welcome home TC.

Until next time,



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