Topless in the country – craft show flash backs!

Oooh so much squash and so little time

Disclaimer #1  Yes, I know I shouldn’t own a convertible since I have incredibly awful allergies – I’ve had that conversation with my allergists.

Disclaimer #2  I want to make it perfectly clear to everyone out there – I don’t like cold weather! (which would mean anything below 70 degrees)

Disclaimer #3  I like margaritas – probably more than I should

Okay now that we have gotten all the poop out-of-the-way…

In recent times this season of the year was when my studio life would be kicked up into high gear going into the holiday shopping season and finally slowing down for the winter.  I would have my weekends all lined up with art shows and craft fairs.  Part of me really misses all that and part of me really feels glad to have the weekends to spend the way I want.  I miss the interaction with customers the reward of talking with people and getting their feedback – and naturally I miss the sales.  I don’t miss being on the road all the time or not sleeping in my own bed.

Yesterday we had rain, lovely rain.  I realize that it has been an incredibly long hot and dry summer here and that the weather change is welcomed by most people.  Me – well I’m thankful for the rain we do need it.  Am I looking forward to cooler weather?  Hardly.  Now, having said that I will also say I do love autumn.  I love all the colors, the scent of pumpkins and apple harvest and wood stoves being cranked up for the first time (disclaimer #2)  and for a very brief time I enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Charles and I spent the weekend riding around in the country topless.  The weather was perfect for putting down the top on the car, our favorite tunes were playing on the IPOD (probably louder than they should have been) and even though the leaves haven’t really turned yet the colors were still lovely,  but mostly we enjoyed just spending time together.

Critzer Family farm the leaves are just starting to turn

We ate and shopped our way through the farm market in Nelson, then headed over to the Critzer Family Farm, on route 151.  I truly enjoyed walking around the farm looking at all the pumpkins, squash, gourds and things that I wasn’t sure what they were.

Look at all these beautiful colors!

Wagons piled high and colorful mums

carrot anyone?

you know it is time to leave when your husband starts playing with the produce

We spent time on Saturday at the Waynesboro Fall Foliage Festival – which is an art and crafts festival.  There seemed to be a fairly good turnout while we were there, however, I did not see many people purchasing items.  There were many talented people there displaying their work.  Naturally my heart goes out to all those fine artists, I can only hope that things were better than they appeared, but booth after booth the artists were looking pretty glum.  I can’t deny I didn’t see people making purchases or walking around with packages.  The best part of that day was spending time with my sister Holly who was selling her art there.

We also attended the Garlic and Wine Festival at Rebec Vineyard on Sunday.   Now, this is a festival that I used to sell at for many years.  Quite frankly the event had grown quite large and the drinking participants had started to make doing this show a real pain in the butt.  I was quite sad to see that the majority of the crafters there had poor quality work or were selling imported crap that they didn’t make.  (Now, if you were there selling your hand-made stuff don’t go getting your britches in a bunch) However, the crowd was decent and not so unruly as times past.  I do want to put in a nice word for one lady that was there selling beautiful jewelry – her name is Angie Boyd and her business is Chickie-Dickie Beads – her work really stood out – just beautiful.  We had a wonderful time with great friends and a beautiful day – can’t beat that!

This is where you must refer to disclaimer #1.  My allergies were so awful both days from enjoying all that great country air, that I had to take extra allergy medicine which made me feel a little like a zombie and so (I know this is so out of character for me, ) I didn’t take pictures of either of these events.  Charles naturally commented on the fact that my camera wasn’t in my regular grip.  He said I wasn’t acting like myself.  This reminds me of the time on I Love Lucy when Ricky told Fred he thought Lucy was acting strange and Fred wanted to know how he could tell.  You either get that or you don’t.

We ended this great weekend  having  margaritas with a group of friends.  Please refer to disclaimer #3 – now, Charles and  I can’t find our sunglasses.   We know we had them before the ‘ritas.  Just what are they putting in those drinks anyway?

And finally before I end this I want to send out a heartfelt condolence to my dear friend and loyal reader LaDonna for the loss her family and their friends are dealing with.  Prayers for you all.

Because I want to end on a happy note here is a word to two special ladies in my life – My Mom and my friend Karen – Wishing you both Happy Birthday today!

Until next time,



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2 thoughts on “Topless in the country – craft show flash backs!

  1. Whew — when you started out topless in the country, I thought I might have to pick up the phone and say, “How many margaritas did you have?” LOL

    Thanks for your wonderful blog and the heartfelt condolences for our family and friends.

    And, thank you even more for not posting pictures of our little get-together. 🙂



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