a strangers words empower me – thank you

I have a letter I need to write, I want to write.  I just don’t know how to begin the first line.  I’ve started this letter it seems a million times in my mind over the past several years – I don’t even know now, how many years it has been.  I know for certain the would be recipient of the letter could tell you down to the minute though.  There was a horrible tragic moment that for ever changed so many lives and affected me deeply – and yet I’ve remained silent.

I’ve written in my blog on a few occasions, and lord knows my friends can tell you I’ve ranted to them plenty of times about my passion towards the subject of stealing other people’s ideas and dreams and passing them along as your own.  Recently while looking for some information about craft show booth display I came across a book-marked blog from artist Luann Udell, which I had saved some years ago.  I’ve long respected her work, and enjoy the articles that she writes for The Crafts Report. While I like seeing what she is creating,  I thought we had absolutely nothing in common other than we share the same career industry.  But then, I read a fairly new post, that she wrote about copyright infringement and that cranked me up once again and then I read the next blog and the next and each one spoke to me and touched me in a different way.  At first I just thought I could relate to what she was writing, then I realized it was more than that.  Her blogs inspired me to want to write better blogs and share better information.

Luann’s writing spoke to me on several very personal levels, first she wrote about the pets in her life and how they are a part of her art – something I certainly relate to – her writing was cute and funny and touching.  The next blog she wrote made me cry for in that one she wrote about training she is receiving to work with her local hospice and in particular Alzheimer’s patients.  I’ve read many articles on the subject of Alzheimer’s, but Luann wrote specifically about the training she received about being there in the moment with the patient and how important it is to be in their moment rather than trying to force them to be in your moment.  Words I find helpful as my family is currently going through this journey into hell with my mother.

In her latest blog she wrote about a bereavement class she is taking and her personal choice to write a letter to a family acknowledging their loss, which had occurred several years prior.  A letter she felt she should have written and thought it was too late to write.  She learned in her class that it is never too late to be compassionate and acknowledge the loss of someone else.  Again, I cried.  I felt challenged too, I thought it is time for me to write my letter.

I am amazed at this woman’s ability to multi-task, she is successful as an artist, a writer, has a busy family life and finds time to volunteer.

A strangers written word, wow –  I feel empowered to face my own personal challenges.  I would like to write to Luann and thank her for her inspiration, then I think well how silly is that.  She would just think I was a dope.  Maybe in my own small way, I can say thank you by sharing her art and her words with you, and perhaps she will inspire one of you too.

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7 thoughts on “a strangers words empower me – thank you

  1. My goal has been to make beautiful art, to work my way through my writing to being a better, kinder person, and to share that journey with others in hopes that it inspires them on THEIR journey.

    I just came across your article, and I have to say, I can’t think of a finer tribute. I am astonished and grateful that you wrote it. You have completed a circle.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And no, if you had written me, I would not have thought you were silly. :^)

    And as to how I “do it all”, all I’m sayin’ is, my house is a mess, my roots are showing and my car smells funny. :^D

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  4. Thank you for writing this tribute to Luann’s enormous gift for life. I, too, have been deeply touched by her writing and her art. Luann shares so much of her heart with us. I’m old enough to be amazed by the gifts the internet has brought me – art, knowledge, blogs, intimate views into the lives of incredible people I’d never have met any other way. What a wondrous age we live in!

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