Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a little humor please

Ribbons of Hope - fused glass sun catchers

I’ll admit it.   Sometimes I can be a little sneaky…

October is Breast Cancer awareness month – I’ve been celebrating with a sale on the items that I make and donate fifty percent of the proceeds to charity. My choice, on behalf of my friend LaDonna, who is a breast cancer survivor,  is Marianne’s Room at  Martha Jefferson Hospital. The sale ends in just a few short days and I am asking you to help me spread the word, please forward this information along to people who you know that might be interested.  I know  that times are tough financially for many people and asking you to make a contribution to a charity when funds are a little tight is asking an awful lot.

For so many of us, feeling like we look our best is a pretty motivational factor in our day-to-day life.  Feeling good about ourselves and our appearance influences how we perform at our job and our interaction with other people.  I’m pretty fortunate that on most days I am isolated away in my studio and the only people who see me are my cats and dogs and bless their hearts it doesn’t matter to them how bad a hair day I am having, but still I know I feel much more motivated to create on the days that I make more of an effort with my appearance.

Now, can you imagine fighting the fight of your life against cancer and losing your hair.  During that time it is so important for many people to have the option to wear a wig or head-piece that makes them feel better about themselves – and ultimately feeling better makes them feel more like fighting.  Many of these people may not be able to afford to purchase head attire.  This is where Marianne’s Room provides such valuable services – they provide free of charge these items for cancer patients.

I also know that a little humor goes a long way when you are dealing with a difficult situation.  So, meet my funny little Bad Hair Day Angles – I made these ladies in the folk art style with a big dash of humor, they are rather silly, not elegant and they don’t have much hair, but the proceeds from the sale will really make someone feel good.

Meet Agnes

Some of you may know the story behind the story of how these designs came about and some of you don’t – read my blog of  April, 2010.

To purchase Agnes or one of the other Angels or a ribbon of hope, please follow this link.

Thank you all for your support and helping me spread the word.

Now, about my sneaky ways – I’ve been putting in links and photos on my last several blogs in a very sly way to introduce my new web pages and my new product line.  I mentioned that I had changes under way, and I am not really prepared to announce all those changes just yet,  the web pages aren’t complete  but  this sale is so important to me that I just had to sneak in some more links.

Until next time,



Follow this link to purchase a ribbon of hope or an angel

3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

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