I feel good – everyone sing along!

breakfast is served!

I’m feeling pretty happy this morning & doing a dance in my PJ’s.  Join along if you feel good too.

Yesterday, I was having a feeling of the morning after… after a full weekend of debauchery with my family and friends that started on Friday and didn’t end until Sunday, I started the morning off with a cupcake – ahh nothing like a sugar fix first thing in the morning.

Friday, my sister and I celebrated her birthday with lunch and a big fat margarita at our local Mexican restaurant and then one of the restaurant owner’s came over and surprised my sister with a great big fried ice cream.  Another reason I just love to support local – you get such good service.  My sister and I sat in that restaurant for over 3 hours talking and the entire staff made us feel at home, and never rushed us away or gave us the look for being too loud and unruly.

even though my sister isn't a big sweets eater, we managed to do a number on this big pile of goop!

Not only was it great girl talk but she understands my creative weirdness, because she has it too.  She also motivated me to do something that I haven’t done in a long time.  I applied for an art show for next January, actually we both applied for the same show.  If we get accepted, we are definitely gonna put on our sister act and whoop it up!

Looking back, I realize that it has been almost 2 years since I did my last art show – (I’ve done small local shows, that were not juried.)  How could time pass like that?  The past two years have been so full of personal happenings.  I needed and wanted to free up time to be available to help out my folks.  My husband and I had real estate issues a thousand miles away, which has required a lot of time and attention.  My personal and private health battles played a part too.

Just coping with life, nothing out of the ordinary – it is what we all have to do.  It did change the way I approached the selling and creating of my art these past two years.  I’ve tried to step up my on-line presence, I’ve held open houses at my studio and I’ve tried to incorporate the social media thing.  I’m still on the fence about all this, but the change has done me good – I think.

So, applying for a jury show after two years was once again an intimidating thing.  Applying on the last day of the dead line certainly wasn’t the smartest move.  Mostly I worry about the quality of my work is it good enough to get into the show?  I worry about the quality of my images submitted – they were not taken by a professional.  So many thoughts running through my mind, but mostly I am excited about the possibilities.

I feel good, I have that good ticklish butterfly feeling in my stomach – because my big sister encouraged me and told me not to worry about the quality of my work – words that I will cherish.  Not just being my sister but an artist, we share a special bond.  Support from other artists goes a very long way and so I must also say thank you to Luann Udell for her encouraging words to me regarding my previous blog.  We artist and creative folks need to stick together and give each other support.

Feeling good and passing along that feeling – I’ve extended the sale until the end of November on my ribbons of hope and bad hair day angels – a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.  To purchase click here.

Until next time,



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