WIP’s – help me name a new piece

I’m often asked what my favorite thing is that I make – and my response pretty much is whatever new project I am working on at the time.

I get bored easily, and I’m always anxious to try something different.  Often I will be in the middle of working on one project and stop what I am doing and start working on something completely different.  It isn’t uncommon for me to leave a project and not come back to it for months or years.  I realize that I have a little problem with staying focused.  I also work  off of my feelings, so that the piece I am working on is a reflection of my feelings at the time.  What I am thinking or going through or the mood I am in.

Right now, I am pretty much loving these works in progress and they are so close to being finished I think it is safe to say I will complete these sooner rather than later.

This first piece is a necklace which is some what steam punk style – found object collage.  I’m using both old and new items to make this piece.

necklace measuring time

This next  piece I have worked on for over five years.  Finally it is almost complete.  This is a large wall sculpture, The crab I cut from galvanized metal and is wired into an oval made from recycled copper.  I’ve covered the body of the crab in a glass mosaic style. My finds from walking on the beach are included in the form of shells and driftwood that are woven through out the piece with both black re-bar wire and copper wire and glass beads.

crab trap

Here is another piece that is in urban chic style – mid-progress, it will eventually be a necklace.  Again, I’m using both old and new components as well as a piece of old screening I found in the woods.

I need a name

I have not come up with a name for this piece yet and I thought it would be fun if my readers helped pick out a name.   Do you have any suggestions?

Having fun in the studio.

Until next time,



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Steam Whistles Designs

3 thoughts on “WIP’s – help me name a new piece

  1. okay, so when I first looked at the necklace, my initial thoughts went to the sea, boats and a Captain sailing his vessel. So, in my most creative flow, I would entitle that piece……are you ready for this?

    First Landing


  2. I love very much the first piece. you’ve used any pieces cutely.
    I’m thinking sometimes how can I use some objects as creative or functional and I collect anything I see looks like usable. but I haven’t started to make anything yet 🙂
    best wishes, Evren.

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