a pocket full of bones

outside the studio the colors are changing

One day last week, I had been working out in the studio and went back up to the house for a bathroom break and a snack.  While I was in the house a visitor arrived without me realizing it.  She went straight to the studio, not stopping at the house first.

My first thoughts were,  Why didn’t my dogs bark and let me know I had someone here?  Clyde, has gone deaf, and now relies on his sense of smell to alert me when someone is here.  Just the other week I had a person come to pick pears.  Clyde could not see or hear him, but he sure could smell him, and he barked like crazy. So why didn’t he bark today?  What the heck is Betsy’s excuse?  She doesn’t have any problem barking all night long keeping me awake.  Betsy is supposed to alert me when a stranger is on the property.

My second thought was, why would someone just assume I was in the studio and not in the house?

As I walked down the path back to the studio, my visitor came out of the studio and was heading to the house.  I was completely startled and nearly dropped my yogurt and nuts and I think I exclaimed something I won’t repeat.   Her first words were “I can’t believe you are playing Christmas music in your studio already.”

We laughed, and I thought she should know me well enough that Christmas is never far from my thoughts and in fact I’ve been playing Christmas music in my studio for over a month now.  My visitor is a friend.  A friend that knows me and that in the studio is where she should look for me first, and a friend that my dogs know so well, they don’t bark at her.  She just might have a treat, and indeed she had come with a few dog bones in her pocket for them.  A friend that comes for a visit and brings treats for your pets, is a friend indeed.

There has been a whirl wind of activity in the studio this past month, not just making stuff, but making improvements.  I think.  Yes, this change is good.

First I purchased this old metal stool with the peeling green and red paint over at Rock Fish Gap Country Store if you will recall, I have some of my work for sale in that store.  While I was in the store filling up my inventory, I spotted this stool.  It was love at first sight.  It is just the perfect height for my work counter.

Mr. Bonez checks out the new stool before it goes into the studio

The other change that has taken place I wasn’t so sure about .  Critzer Heating & Cooling put in a new heat pump system.  I already had AC, but this new system does heating and cooling at a press of a button.  It is a big deal because previously I relied on an old, old wood-stove for my heat.  You just can’t beat the heat that comes from that wood burning stove, and in my mind the charm that goes with it.  I’m a sentimental sop, and that stove was in the building when we bought the place, it was part of the “bones” of the building, I hated to pull it out, I felt like I was betraying the history of the building.  For my previous holiday open houses, I would keep a kettle of mulled wine and hot appetizers on top for my customers to enjoy while they were shopping, something I won’t be able to do with a heat pump.

the details on the side of the wood stove

Something else I won’t have with a heat pump is all the mess from the wood and the ashes having to be cleaned out and the creosote that occasionally leaked when we had a heavy rain or hard snow that would blow down the stove-pipe.  I also really need the space that the stove took.  I must admit the first cold morning I went out and pressed that little button and within five minutes I was toasty warm, I was feeling okay with the situation.

looking out the back door where the wood stove has been placed for the time being. Seems kind of sad to me.

reflecting on the new space now I have more room to clutter up with projects

Back to my Christmas music, I’m sentimental about that too.  I like the music that I grew up with, it makes me feel comfortable and content and puts me in the mood to create and decorate for the season.  Bing, and Frank and Dino and it wouldn’t be Christmas without Burl.  Yes, it is playing in my studio and if you come for a visit, you will hear it too.  I’ve been playing lots of music while I prepare the studio and display area for the holiday shopping season.

preparing for the holidays turning the studio into a winter wonderland

People have been asking when my holiday open house will be.  Fact, is I don’t know the answer just yet.  I will certainly post some information when a date is planned.  I do know that this year, it will be a small event, not a lot of hoopla, but none the less, it should be a nice time for all, and I’ll figure out a way to keep the mulled wine and appetizers warm.

packages gift wrapped for you

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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One thought on “a pocket full of bones

  1. I so look forward to the open house! Do let me know in advance so I can share the joy with my friends and co-workers. As for the hot mulled cider and appetizers, could you not keep that wonderful wood stove just outside of your studio and use it as a means of adding even more character to your wonderful walkway of glass and stones as well as building a fire inside for the open house?


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