November 16 – It’s All About the Process – or, Slow Cloth? (via Fabulous Felt’s Blog)

I’ve just discovered the felt art of Jane Herman. I’ve been interested in felting for a long time and I am hoping to learn a little from Jane. Her latest blog shows a few pieces and the process she goes through with them. I enjoy watching the pieces as they progress.

Also, since I am one of those people that finds great comfort and enjoyment from the simple task of hanging my laundry outside to dry, I could really relate to her post.

November 16 - It's All About the Process - or, Slow Cloth? Last week was a very productive one and I made several pieces.  I used the dryer with all of them, laying the pieces out, wetting them down, rolling them in towels and throwing them into the dryer with my laundry.  I had lots of laundry to do and it was a rainy week, so I used that as my excuse.  Normally I don't use a clothes dryer, and I did feel a bit guilty for using all that electricity when my clothesline works just as well, for my laundry … Read More

via Fabulous Felt's Blog

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