I lack virtue, but not crabs

Patience is a virtue – or so I hear.

Few things in my work bring swift and rapid irritation and can make me cuss like a sailor, and make me lose my patience  – than having to replace the pieces parts on my glass saw.   Specifically the hub and grommets.  Some engineer with a sick sense of  humor designed this set up.  Today I had to replace both grommet sets, as well as the belt and the saw blade.  After about 30 minutes of swearing, throwing the screwdriver, a pair of pliers and a tantrum I was back up and running.  And let me say that when all is well with my saw, it is a wonderful piece of equipment that I couldn’t work without.

saw parts

It is rather ironic that I should have these problems this morning because just the other day Charles asked about the glass saw,  if it was running okay.  I think my less than lady like behavior when things are wrong with it, stays fresh in his mind – or scares the beegeezes out of him.

The past couple of holiday shopping seasons, my crab napkin holders have been my top-selling item.  They are also one of those items that I again, lose my patience with because they are time-consuming,  I have to go really slow when I am cutting them so as not to break off the legs, something that is really easy to do.

I started thinking this morning that perhaps I needed to go out and make some more crabs, because my inventory was low.  As fate would have it, an order came in for you guessed it crabs!  So, out to the studio I went to create.

crab on glass saw

First I take a sharpie marker and draw the outline of the crab on the glass and then take it over to the saw and cut it out, ever so carefully.

today I decided to do some blue crabs too

After I cut them, I clean them very carefully, can’t have any finger prints or dirt on the glass when you fire it in the kiln or it will come out hazy.  I then add layers of other colors of glass for accents.

a load of crabs in the kiln ready to be fired up

The kiln is fired up to over 1450 degrees.  Then the hard part waiting, waiting, waiting and no peeking.  They will be ready to be pulled out of the kiln in about 14 hours.

And the finished product.

crabs marching across the table

While I was in the crabby mood, I also made this.

crab mirror

Time to stop playing with the crabs and move on to something else.

Until next time,



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5 thoughts on “I lack virtue, but not crabs

  1. Hey Kim, I like this post and the image of you doing battle with the glass saw. I find myself in that same position with my chief tool, the desktop, a lot lately. Have managed not to render it any physical harm yet, but if words were stones…it would have been six feet under a LONG time ago.
    Love the crab mirror. I can see myself looking in the glass then up at the crab and asking, “Now, which one of you is the bigger crab?” and waiting for an answer…

  2. Ha! Love the title of your post & your lovely sense of humor.

    I worked with glass many moons ago (stained glass work) and I’m wondering if maybe glass working and swearing “like a sailor” are NOT mutually exclusive!?!

    Your screwdriver comment made me laugh – I also used to throw things when I worked with glass (usually the glass itself) – I still remember the shocked/scared look on one woman’s face when she toured my basement studio/hole-in-the-wall and I pointed to the wall I’d aim at when I was PO’d.

    May you always have crabs – yours are adorable!

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