It seemed like a good idea at the time…

outside of the studio is decorated for the holidays - notice the antique motor oil sign on the side of the studio glows in the dark

How many of you have said that after looking back on a situation that you were involved in?

Maybe it was the Gluhwein my friends and I were drinking at my studio open house this weekend.  I had the balls to ask a friend for help, not for just a little help, but to give up her vacation time and travel on the road with me for a couple of days and work really hard for free, and she said yes.  What were we thinking?  Don’t worry LaDonna, I won’t hold you to it.

we used my gluhwein mugs I brought back from Germany at the open house

Here is the rest of the story

A few months ago my sister and I decided to take our sister act on the road and do an art show together down in FL.  This was going to be a fun adventure, just the two of us whooping it up and selling our art.  We applied to the show, a juried show.  For those of you that don’t know, a juried show means that you send in slides/photos of your art work to be judged by a jury, which then determines if your work is good enough to be in the show, or if it is the proper type of work for the show and there are other variables that are considered also.  You pay a non-refundable fee to have your work juried, on top of that fee you must also pay your booth fee, in this case it is several hundred dollars.

studio decorated for the season

Even though you may not know for months if you have been accepted into the show, they hold your money – thereby earning interest for the show promoter.  At this time you also have to sign a contract which has many guidelines that you have to follow, including the fact that if you are accepted into the show and you are unable attend you lose all of your booth fee.  Their responsibility is to notify the artist in a timely manner of their acceptance or rejection.  In this case we were supposed to be notified by November 21st.  Today is December 13th – I still have not received notification one way or another.  The show is the first week in January.

I have sent several emails to the promoter,  which have remained unanswered, I have placed phone calls, only to hear a recorded message that just says they will be sending out notification soon.  This message isn’t dated so I have no idea what “soon” means.

scenes from the open house

Of course when my sister and I applied for the show we had no idea that life would happen for both of us, in an ironic twist of fate.  She ended up having to have surgery the other week, that should have gone a lot smother than it did, and now her recovery time is much slower than she ever would have guessed, and she is unable to make the trip.  Next week, my husband will be having the exact same surgery – and of course will not be able to travel and help me.  And, if he is well enough for me to leave him and do the traveling alone – it is too long of a trip and too hard for me to set up and do the show on my own.  AND this is all provided that I am accepted into the show – which I still do not know.  I hate, hate, hate not knowing where I stand.

So after throwing back a few gluhweins this weekend, I asked my friend if she would be my roadie.  She said yes, but her logical side still intact – she pointed out that since my show van – is in non-running condition at this time I would have to rent a vehicle to make the journey from VA down to FL and that would be another added expense, so is all this worth doing the show?  In other words can I sell enough to make it worth the extra expense?  Those are the decisions that I face every time I think about doing an art show – it just seems like there is more on the line this time.  I really cannot afford to lose my both fee, but it seems, after weighing my options, that indeed I will lose all my money.  Drat, (and under my breath other explicative that I won’t type), this just makes me so mad.

mistletoe in the studio - might as well kiss my booth fee goodbye!

This is the first real art show I have applied to in two years and now it has become so complicated, but,  it seemed like a good idea at the time.

On the positive side, I do have a great friend that would help me out in my time of need – lucky me.  Shall we have another gluhwein?

Until Next Time,



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One thought on “It seemed like a good idea at the time…

  1. Kimmi —
    If you decided to still do the show, I’m there for you (dread the drive but I’m there for you as I know you’d be for me). Already talked to Mark about it too and checked my work calendar. Just let me know! I’ve been working out ya know so I’m ready! LOL Would we really drive the 16 hours straight through or make an adventure of it? 🙂


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