I look at the pictures, but I don’t read the articles.

3 Wishes aka the purple palace

Dear little sweet purple studio under the pecan tree, I miss you so.  I miss all the colors, and tools, and gadgets.  My kiln I know you are cold and lonely and my Taurus 3 –  ring saw, can you ever forgive me for yelling at you and throwing a temper tantrum?  I miss the way you wrap your old wood walls around me and comfort me when I am down.  I miss the creaking of the floor boards and wind blowing in through the gaps in the sides.  I miss your scent and the inspiration that you provide and the way that you let me feel like I am the ruler, in my own world and all is well.

just a few days ago, I was in the studio creating this mess

I was foolish, a few glasses of champagne on new year’s eve and I thought I was twenty again.  I thought I could dance the night away with that Wii and wake up young and thin again.  Now, I am humbled by a pair of crutches and I can’t make the trip out to see you.  I’m stuck in the house in a chair with an ice bag strapped to my leg.  My only companions are a remote control, a handful of cats and a glass of wine.  Oh dear sweet studio, will you ever forgive me?

I approach my crafting and my cooking in much the same manner.  I wing it.  I buy books for inspiration.  I look at all the pretty pictures, and I’ll admit it, I don’t always read the articles.  When it comes to following directions or recipes – I suck.

I happen to really like mushrooms, but I didn’t appreciate them until I was an adult.  I can remember the first time I ate a mushroom and really enjoyed it  – it was at my favorite local restaurant, The Bavarian Chef.  Now, I can say I truly enjoy eating and cooking with a wide variety of mushrooms.


Several years ago my sister gave Charles plugs to start growing shiitake mushrooms.  We had pretty good success with them for many years, and we would both enjoy starting anew batch again in the future.  I’ll put that on the list of things to do over.  I’m sure growing our own shrooms is what got me to start cooking regularly with different varieties.

Recently I was given the cookbook  barefoot contessa at home. A great gift, because I enjoy Ina Garten and watch her TV shows, fairly regularly.  Even though I don’t follow recipes exactly, I find them to be a good starting point.  I personally find Ina’s style approachable and attainable.

The other night I pulled out my new cookbook and decided I would challenge myself to follow a recipe from start to finish.  I choose Portobello mushroom lasagna.  The next day I headed to the store for my ingredients, including the Portobello’s – I purchased every single shroom they had, which came to just under the pound and a half the recipe called for.  To the lady that stood and watched me take all the mushrooms – so sorry.

sauteing the mushrooms

Here is the recipe – hope you are able to make it out.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Portobello mushroom lasagna

I might as well admit, I didn’t follow the recipe completely, I added a little garlic and some hot hungarian paprika to the white sauce.

ready to eat!

I thought it turned out pretty good.  I generally cook with a lot of seasoning – spicy – not salty and so I found this to be a somewhat bland dish.  However, a change is a good thing every now and then.  A good salad with a strong dressing would be a good complement.

Looks as though I’ll have plenty of time on my hands to look through other cookbooks and try new recipes.

To my purple palace – please wait for me, eventually the snow and ice will melt and I’ll be able to hobble back there on my crutches.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

3 thoughts on “I look at the pictures, but I don’t read the articles.

  1. YUM…YUM — that Mushroom Lasagna looks awesome! But, somehow, I believe I’d miss my meat. I remember going over to a friends house many, many moons ago (Jesse era) and he had made stuffed peppers. Well, Jude was a vegetarian so of course no meat. I think I went into withdrawl. I remember asking him, “Jude, don’t you have any meat in this house, not even a weenie or vienna sausage?” LOL I have gotten much better about being satisfied with various dishes that do not involve meat but I haven’t quite gotten to the point of realizing the accomplishments that can be enjoyed by using the various mushrooms. Maybe one day, you can enlighten me – maybe.


    **still got that walker if you need it**

  2. You won’t miss the meat if you think of them as the precious creatures they are. I have been veg and now vegan for years. I love my animals and I love your jewlery and art. I love how you incorporate the beauty of animals in the jewlery. You are a gem! a treasure!

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