creative block – I’m in the mood but I can’t get any satisfaction

It isn’t what you think.

this pile of rusty metal, cobwebs and cat fur will eventually give me satisfaction

I received a stash of new crafting books this week.  They arrived with perfect timing.  I needed some new inspiration and something to occupy my time, while I’ve been laid up off my feet this week.   Just a note here – crutches aren’t too helpful in a small house full of too much clutter and a handful of old cats that move slower than molasses.

On Friday, I had an order that needed to be shipped so I got my first real taste of walking outside of the house with my crutches. I decided that I only needed to walk with the one.  Off to the post office I went with my package under one arm and a crutch under the other.  People everywhere were eager to help me – nice.

I got this upon my return.

fresh rocks on the path leading out to the studio

New rocks really make a girl happy, Charles is always looking out for me.

With my fresh rock path leading out to the studio and lots of inspiration; I headed out to the purple palace for the first time in a week. I was thrilled to be back in my little world of creativity.  I was ready to make something.  I pulled out all manner of this, that and a few do-dads.  But nothing was talking to me – that is the frustration of it all.  I have this pent-up energy that wants to be let out, yet I just can’t make it go from my head to my hands in a way that feels right.  I’m in the mood, but I’m not getting satisfaction.

For hours I played around with a big pile of  perfectly fine components, I just couldn’t work magic with them and in the end I walked away, having accomplished nothing.

The next day I headed back out to the studio with a new start, that’s when I realized what I was working with was just too shiny – I wanted something old and rusty with history and character.  Over to the garage I went.  I used to do all my metal working, the welding and such over by the garage.  I retrieved a stash of rusty metal pieces that I cut out with the plasma torch some time ago,  and  a handful of rusty nails for extra measure.  I thumbed through my stacks of old ephemera, cut up a tape measure, and pulled out some old toy pieces.

The first piece I came up with is based on one of the rusty hearts I cut out of old steel sheet metal.

I assembled the key pieces and then applied a clear sealant for protection, the red piece in the center is a wood piece from a game. Someone wrote in pencil on it - what I like to call a Gemini symbol

Then I worked on the rest of the lay-out for the necklace.

working on the layout, filing the wire, arranging and rearranging finally I come up with this - I'm going to name it "love is not a game"

In the end, I came up with three new pieces to add to my Steam Whistles Designs collection.

new necklaces for SWD

Satisfaction at last.

I’m heading over to SWD to post them for sale on the web page.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

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