My upside down experience is really rightside up

In the night a very light coating of freezing rain covered our little piece of the county.   The next morning, it didn’t look all that bad, we have had a lot worse that is for sure.

Okay – so I fell yesterday in my driveway on the ice.  Ouch that hurt and yes I had one of those horrible terrifying moments of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  I had body parts bent in directions they were not intended to bend, AND I was sliding toward the row of boxwood at a rather rapid speed. This can’t be good.  I was a bowling ball aiming for the pins.   I finally came to an abrupt stop in a bundle of bushes, twigs, stones and me.  I tried to get up, but I could not put any weight on the knee that I hurt previously and the other one was bent at an odd angle, I was floundering on the ice on my back in the most ridiculous manner.  Thank goodness there wasn’t any witness to this event.  I eventually used the boxwood to grab onto and pull myself upright, breaking several branches along the way. (honey that is one less bush you will need to trim)  Now my good knee hurts worse than my bad knee.

While I was laying there in my driveway, upside down, for a brief moment I felt panic, I was all alone, how was I going to get up?  I could hear that everything was strangely quiet.  There wasn’t any traffic down on the road.  Then slowly I started noticing the sounds and sights around me.  Over in the field, I could hear the sheep walking, every step they took crunched the ice.  Over in the side yard the birds were foraging through the leaves and when they would flip a leaf over it made a crunchy sound.  Above me on a tree branch a squirrel darted along, knocking ice off, which landed on the ground near me with a loud thwack.  How could that squirrel keep their footing on that icy round branch, and I couldn’t stand on flat ground?   For what seemed like an eternity I heard all these sounds occurring around me, and yet I felt somewhat removed from the situation.  I was pulled back into the moment, by the sound of the dogs down on the farm below me barking.   That’s when I remembered the reason I was out there in the first place.  The dogs were barking because of  all the commotion going on in the road at the edge of the property they guard.

Just moments before I had received a phone call from Charles. It was odd, first because he had just left the house, not even a minute ago, why was he calling and how did his cell phone work?  Our cell phones don’t pick up out here, so his call was broken up and I was only hearing every other word.  He told me he had been in an accident down below the house.  He was involved in a multiple car situation, he was okay – but for me to call 911, then the line went blank.  I only heard pieces of this message, rationally I knew if he was calling, he wasn’t badly injured but sometimes when you are caught up in the moment your brain switches to stupid and rational doesn’t enter into the situation.

I called 911, then headed outside, without my crutches.  I knew I shouldn’t go out on the ice, it would be another of those stupid things to do, but I did it anyway. I knew exactly where Charles was, he wasn’t even a half a mile from the house.  If I walked to the bottom of the driveway, perhaps I could even see him.  Somehow in my mind I thought if I could just see him… That’s how I ended up laying on my back on a sheet of ice with branches, twigs and stones matted in my hair.

The good news is today the sun is shinning brightly and there isn’t any ice.   And I am reminded of the many things that I am grateful for.

I’m thankful that I was wearing the coat my friend had recently handed down to me  – a big puffy over stuffed coat, otherwise I would surely have more bruising today than I do.

I’ve often thought how grateful I am to have my vision and my hearing.  I was certainly reminded of this yesterday as I laid there on the ground, listening and watching the sheep, the birds, squirrels and the barking dogs.  I knew how lucky I was to be able to experience these sights and sounds, that let me know I was  alive and not alone.

I’m thankful that a miracle occurred and Charles’ cell phone worked for that brief, but terrifying moment.

I’m grateful that Charles and all the other people  – (I think all together there were 8-10 vehicles)  involved in that accident are okay.  I’m grateful that the tow-truck driver only charged Charles $35.oo to get his truck out of the ditch – he said he was giving everyone the volume discount.  I’m thankful that the police officer said there would be no tickets, no one was at fault.  I’m thankful that Charles had full coverage on his truck – it isn’t going to be cheap to get that fixed.

I’m thankful that our friends called last night to check on us.

I’m really thankful for the ice-gel pack my sister loaned to me – I need multiple packs now, though.

I think sometimes when everything is upside down, it is really right side up because it makes you appreciate all the little things that matter.

Until next time,



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4 thoughts on “My upside down experience is really rightside up

  1. So sorry Kim and Charles! It was terrible ice here – impossible to see whether on foot or in a car. I am grateful that neither of you was seriously hurt – but how irritating to have the truck damaged!! You certainly are seeing the bright side of life lately with all the challenges that have come your way. hang in there – i feel an early spring in my bones [I hope]. Karen

    • Karen – I sure hope you are right about that early spring. Can you believe another accident on that dreaded curve at the bridge – how many have we seen there over the years? xxoo

  2. Bless your little heart! I can see you now laid up in the driveway floundering (your word, not mine). But, leave it to you to recognize the joy in the birds fourishing for food, the squirrel eagerly maneuvering amongst the tree limbs around you and even the sheep across the way crunching as the ice beneath their little feet gave way to their weight. Leave it to you my dear Kim.

    We’re so thankful you both are okay and do see a brighter Spring just around the corner! Can you say…..Sangarita? LOL

    LaDonna and Mark

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