dandelion seeds blowing in the wind – the magic of friendship

variegated Cuban oregano

Honestly I can’t remember if I have ever been to a Super Bowl Game party or not – if I have it wasn’t memorable enough to stick in my mind.  I’m not particularly a big sports fan so going to such an event wouldn’t really be high on my list of things to do.  I did however attend one yesterday and I am pretty glad I did – first I was with great friends, so just spending time with them was worth it, the chili was pretty good too.  The real touch down for me though was the variegated Cuban oregano, (pictured above) that I received.  I used to have this in my herb garden, but it isn’t cold hardy, so it didn’t survive the winter. I’ve been lusting after this plant at my friend’s house the last couple of times I’ve gone to visit, yesterday she was kind enough to give me a clipping.  Wish we had smell-o-vision on the screen – it is a strange scent, kind of hard to describe.  Strong, pungent, earthy, green, not sure if I like it or not scent.  But I love the leaves, soft and slightly fuzzy and the color is fantastic.  This variety is often used in cooking down in the Caribbean, or so I’ve read.  I have a handful of cookbooks I’ve purchased on trips to the islands, and so far I haven’t found a single recipe that calls for this herb.

Speaking of plants – dandelions in this case, when we were young, my parents used to make my sisters and I dig them out of the yard every spring.  A dreaded task I thought was so boring and seemed I always managed to get stung a time or two by the bees that were busy pollinating.  I just couldn’t figure out their obsession with the dandelion removal – it made absolutely no sense to me at all.  I thought the yellow flowers were pretty and the seed heads were total magic – if you blew on the heads, dispersing the seeds into the wind, while making a wish it would come true.  Why would you want to remove that magic from your yard?  My grandmother used to make dandelion salad – which I didn’t think too much of either, it was bitter.

I remember telling Charles when we purchased the home that we live in now, that I was not going to be digging any dandelions out of the yard – if he was one of those people who preferred a dandelion free lawn, he was on his own.

All these years later, I still find myself feeling like a kid each spring when I see those seeds blowing in the wind, and I just can’t resist the urge to make a wish.

The memory of magical possibilities those plants represented stayed with me long into adult-hood, so several years ago, I choose the dandelion as my logo for 3 Wishes Studio – I had an artist rendering of  the seeds blowing in the wind.  After a few years, I changed the logo to include actual photos of my work, and dropped the dandelion.

Over the weekend my girlfriends came out to the house with a basket full of goodies to celebrate my up-coming birthday.  Much to my surprise and delight this was in the basket

Three wishes wine with dandelion logo

How perfect is that!  My girlfriends didn’t know about the dandelion logo, they were just so excited about the name.  It is the magic of friendship that brought this gift and these ladies to me.   I wonder if that is a sign that I should bring back the dandelion logo?

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