Takin Care of Business

Here is a blast from the past – Bachman Turner Overdrive, for those of us that remember it well.

That is exactly what I need to do with this blog post – take care of business and spread the word on a couple of things.

1) Face Book – I rely on my 3 Wishes Studio fan page, on Face Book for my business to spread the word to local fans.  I may not know them personally, most of them I do not – and therefore I do not have a way to contact them directly.  For those that don’t know  – the controls and the way a business fan page works is different from a personal page.  Here is the problem.  I rely on my fan page to post events, sales and other items of interest.  It is an affordable method of spreading the word.  Face Book changed settings awhile back ago, without letting people know.  The bottom line is this –  if you have fanned a page, or have a friend, but do not “like” the posts or make a comment on their post regularly, Face Book has hidden that page from your view.  Many people like myself enjoy receiving updates from businesses, but I don’t necessarily want to “like” or comment on those posts.

Here is the fix – Scroll down to the bottom of the news feed on the homepage and click on “Edit Options”, click on “Show Posts From” and change the setting to “All Of Your Friends and Pages”

Please, help spread the word. If you are a fan on my web page, you have most likely missed many of my events, sales and posts because they were hidden from your view – because most of you do not make comments regularly.  Please update your settings and if you know anyone that is also a fan will you please pass along this information.  I would sincerely appreciate it as would many other business owners that rely on Face Book.

2)  Studio Spring Open House and Sale – will be May 14, 2011 Hours: 11:00 – 6:00 with rain date of May 28th, 2011. This year once again, there will be other visiting artists displaying and selling their art work.  Also, this is a charitable event with partial proceeds benefiting Marianne’s Room at Martha Jefferson Hospital. Again, I please ask that you spread the word as I have this information posted on my fan page on Face Book However, most of you cannot see that post.  If you are interested in participating you may find more details on my web page here.

And Finally

3) Call to Artists – The spring open house and sale is a juried outdoor festival.  A link has been posted on my fan page on Face Book page, and here. You are invited to apply for this event.

Thank you for your assistance with this issue.   I want you all to know I appreciate your support and help.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

This concludes the business update for today!



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

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