If I had listened to the voice, no harm would have come to an innocent bird!

I’ve been there before, so when am I going to learn?

That little voice in my head that tells me to do such and such, and yet for whatever reason I don’t listen.  I bet that won’t happen again.  Right…

I had a schedule I needed to keep the other day.  I had to be at my folks house to help them out and along the way I was going to stop at the post office and ship off an order.

Just like many orders before, I carefully wrapped everything and placed it in the box, labeled it and off I went.  As luck would have it, because I was in a hurry and had to be somewhere else the post office was slammed.  I waited in line for what seemed like an eternity, of course I realize it really wasn’t that long, I just needed to be on my way.  At long last it was my turn.  I handed over the items I had to mail including this order.  At first I was told it would be $17.00.  I had already charged for shipping and it wouldn’t cover this amount, but it wasn’t a big difference.  Oh well, that’s just the cost of doing business and sometimes you just have to suck it up.  Then the post office employee, said “no wait a minute, it will be $28.00, because this is an over-sized box.”   A very loud gasp could be heard through-out my tiny little post office.  That is almost double what I charged!

I came to with a woman standing over me fanning me.  Okay, not really but it easily could have happened that way.  The woman behind me adds her two cents worth and tells me to just pass it on to my customer.  I mumbled something about no, I can’t do that.  The clerk asked “do you want to add insurance?”  That’s when I heard the little voice in my head, “you better insure this, you’ve already eaten away part of your profit.  What if something gets broken?”  No, I was in a hurry I wasn’t going to take the time or add another expense, and besides I’ve shipped a gazillion of these things and I’ve never had one arrive damaged, and yes, I’ve always paid for insurance.  No, I just needed to get out of that post office before I had another heart attack. I didn’t pay for insurance.  Away I went, mumbling under my breath about how much shipping is costing and ugh what a pain in the butt, blah, blah, blah.

Yup, it was going to happen – I sealed my fate by not listening to that little voice.  The customer contacted me today.  She loved all her items she purchased.  However, the pink flamingo napkin holder arrived with a broken neck.

before the accident

I’ve carefully wrapped and double wrapped the replacement item.  I’ve added extra padding to the box.  I’m standing and staring at the box, have I put enough bubble wrap in here?  This is ridiculous, now I’m gun-shy – but I’ll purchase insurance this time.

Nothing worse than being told “I told you so” from yourself!

Until next time,



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One thought on “If I had listened to the voice, no harm would have come to an innocent bird!

  1. Oh, those tiny voices….but look at it another way: have you ever had to process a loss in the mail that was insured? I’m wondering if that is really the “insurance” that will cover the cost. I haven’t used the insurance feature at USPS (and I used to work at the PO!) because there are some high hurdles to jump over and through to process your claim.

    I think your second mailing with extra extra bubble wrap and a prayer for safe journeys will be the better insurance for a happy delivery.

    …..and pay attention to those box sizes too!

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