Snap! Crack! Pop! Danger Will Robinson!

Opposites attract.  Attract what?  My partnership with my husband falls into this category.  Two very different people who see and approach things from such opposite points of view.  Charles is outgoing and gregarious – I’m an introvert.  Finding a common bond that binds us, is something we have had to work at.  Since I express myself through my art, when Charles isn’t on board, I have to find a way not to take it to heart.  That hasn’t always been easy.

My husband thinks I’m weird.

My husband thinks my creations are weird.  That’s probably a little more accurate.

Well, come to think of it, he might think I’m weird too.  Anyway the point is that for the longest time he just didn’t get my creative spirit, but for the most part he supported me – sometimes more so than other times.  Recently though, since I’ve started my Steam Whistles Designs he has enjoyed being a part of –  or contributing in some way to the new things I have been making.  He has his own ideas about what he thinks I am making or should be making.

The other week, I sat at the computer typing away when out of nowhere came this loud SNAP! CRACK! POP! – then sizzle and lots of  stinky smoke.  There at my feet my battery backup and surge protector for my computer was blowing up.  Holy Crap did that scare me.  I quickly yanked it out of the wall, unplugged everything, then I ran to the front door and threw it out onto the front porch where it landed with a loud thud as wispy plumes of smoke billowed forth.

I guess Charles is somewhat accustomed to me throwing things onto the front porch when something goes awry, because later that evening when he got home, he casually asked if there was a problem with the back up.  I explained what had happen.  I didn’t get the look I sometimes get from him.  Charles simply asked if I would like him to take it apart for me so I could use the pieces for my Steam Whistles creations.

parts from the batty backup

A few days later he found the stash of metal cans I have been hoarding for projects.  When he asked if I was saving all those cans for a reason, I flippantly answered, ” yes, I am planing on making a robot with them.”

Oh my gosh, the gleam in his eyes!  It was a junkie finding a stash, a kid in a candy store with free rein,  it was the sci-fi freak having visions of grand robots rolling around the house!  He was completely Lost in Space – Danger Will Robinson – was all he could say.

I’m in a real pickle now.  My husband is on board with me, or rather what he thinks I should be creating.

Anyone know how to make a robot?

Until next time,



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Steam Whistles Designs

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