A little dirt under my nails and I’m as cool as Loretta Lynn

That Cat helps pick out the seeds for planting

I was feeling a little off earlier this week.  No particular reason I can think of.  Have I been remembering to take my vitamins?   I Think so.  Maybe it was the bad news I got when I made the mistake of getting on the scales.  That could do it.  Maybe it has been the lack of sunshine.  I need my sunshine.  I also need a little dirt under my nails.

TC says I like to have some dirt under my nails too

The sun was out and the weather was pretty mild this week so I  headed out to plant some seeds.  The first thing that comes to my mind is my mom.  She was an avid gardener, with her primary focus being on blooming plants.  I love those too, but I also love to grow my own vegetables and herbs.  I think about how mom would decide if it was the right time to plant according to the astrological signs.  If  the planets were not in the right place, the plants would just have to wait.  I’m not sure if the moon was in the right place or if mercury was retrograde, but I needed to refresh my soul with a little dirt.

Outside I went with my faithful companions, helping every step of the way.

I can take care of this

Mr. Bonez says my nails are clean and I'm keeping them that way for now. I'll watch from a distance.

I saw a picture in my Country Living Magazine where they had taken clean egg shells, poked drainage holes in the bottom and then filled them with seed starter and sowed seeds directly into the egg shells.  The shells were resting on egg crates, to hold them in place – makes perfect sense to me.  When the seed has germinated and is ready to go into the garden you plant the entire thing.  Honestly, the picture was so charming I totally fell for the whole idea. I get fresh eggs often from my friend that has chickens, she delivers them in a plastic bag , so I don’t have a supply of my own egg crates to use.

Timing is everything.

After a very nice dinner out with friends, a group of us were walking back to our vehicles, when much to the horror of my girlfriends, I began dumpster diving.  Actually, I wasn’t really in a dumpster.  Neatly stacked on the sidewalk was the recycling from the nearby businesses.  Right on top of the stack were cardboard egg creates, I just couldn’t walk away from.   With no visible signs of ickyness (is that a real word?) I took what I wanted and began walking away.  Immediately two of my lady companions, one a doctor and one a nurse gave hand sanitizer to me.  I think I put them completely over the edge with that one.

Cuteness aside, I began that egg project today, but I’m not too sure of the outcome.  I had quite the mess trying to fill up those tiny little egg shells – I had seed starter everywhere. Part of the problem could be that I’m not patient enough and was hurrying and I was outside with the wind blowing pretty hard.  This convinced me this was one of those things that Country Living  made picture perfect for the photo shoot, but in reality it isn’t hitting on a lot.  We shall see.  I planted basil in mine.  I had cut the egg crate into manageable sizes and then placed them inside of plastic bags and tied them shut, after watering – to create a little greenhouse effect.

eggs shells on the potting table

You may also notice in the above photo that I have begun to divide herbs from my garden, which I plan to sell at the Studio open house on May 14th.

I’ve planted Cayenne and jalapeno pepper seeds in a traditional flat that yes I purchased at a store.

pepper seeds

Charles and I are in various stages of knee disrepair and our tiller isn’t working so this year I planted two containers of spinach and two of lettuce.  In a few weeks I will put in some more so that we have the harvesting season spread out.

I had some garlic on the counter that had sprouted so I planted that too, even if the timing is all wrong.

I’m truly loving this weather right now, I know that it can quickly change, so I’m trying to pack in as much outdoor activity as I can.

“I have grown a vegetable garden my whole life – heck that was the only way we’d all eat.  I remember folks thought that was so country!  Now it’s in style.” – Loretta Lynn

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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Studio Open House and Sale is May 14, 2011

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