pools with lettuce and bathtubs full of goldfish

Irish for the day – as they say.  Happy St. Patty’s to all.

Here is a little green news in honor of the day.

My friend Millie sends me links to incredible projects and I day-dream away about the possibilities.  Look at these cool little buildings made from re-claimed wood, like old pallets and other found wood and objects.  I call them little pods, but that isn’t the term the guy that makes them uses.  I am not so good with carpentry,  and Charles doesn’t like doing it, but I really find these inspirational.  If I had the ability I would totally do something like this.  I have visions of having these funky little buildings all over my property for various uses, you know art display, garden shed, chicken house, pool house, okay that is if I had a pool or chickens.

Hut - made from junk

Here is a link to the article.

After reading one of my blogs about planting seeds in containers, Millie told me about going on a shopping expedition with friends that were on a search for kiddie swimming pools to use for planting their garden.  The timing was perfect, because I had just been looking at our  pool that we purchased for the dogs.  They swim in it when they get hot during the summer months.  Well, actually they don’t swim. Clyde sits in it and Betsy splashes around and acts like she is on springs,  jumping in and out.  Clyde can no longer lift his legs enough to get inside  as his cancer is advancing now, I don’t know if he will be alive when the heat of the summer comes around, but still after thinking about it, I couldn’t take that fun away from Betsy, for now.

kiddie pool planted with lettuce

Thank you Millie for the inspiration and keep sending those links.

I mentioned that I planted up egg-shells with basil seeds after being inspired by an article in Country Living Magazine – well they did germinate and they were coming along nicely, cute as they could be until the other day when I found my cat Annie sleeping on top of them.  Egg shells+fresh dirt+sunny window+cat=disaster.

So far the pepper plants are doing quite well.

jalapeno and cayenne

Lettuce looks good too.

lots of lettuce

Spinach not so much at this time.

We have a big spring time project underway.

new gardens and path going back to studio

Charles and I have taken on transplanting plants from one area in the yard that has become rather hard to maintain.  I have iris, peonies and day-lilies that need to be divided and moved.   Charles came up with the idea to move them out along the path that goes back to the studio.  I couldn’t be happier with this decision.  Charles put in 1×4’s to define the garden and path.  The path will be wider then it was before, with flowers on one side and the existing herb garden on the other.  We have been working our buts off trying to get this done, working around our limitations with the bad knee thing we both have .  I’ve dug up countless iris and divided them, and I am only a fraction of the way through.  I also did 15 pots, with 3 rhizomes in each pot, which I will offer for sale at the open house.  So much more to be done this weekend, and we should have lovely weather to work.

iris potted up

Years ago, our then neighbor Karen gave us an old iron claw foot bathtub that had been in her farm-house.  That bathtub has been sitting in our driveway on saw horses ever since.  I mentioned to Charles I wanted to turn it into a small water garden, he gave me one of those sideways looks.  You know what I mean.  Periodically I would bring this up again, and receive the look.  Well hallelujah!   Charles came on board this past weekend and the bathtub has been moved to outside the studio.

Charles playin' in the tub

My friend Trina told me not to fill mine up with water and fish – apparently she did that with hers and all her fish cooked.  Well, I’m going to give it a shot anyway.  After doing some patching on it and some scraping, apparently at some point someone used the tub to mix concrete – but I just think that adds character, we filled it with water.  I got the fountain going in it – the sound is great.  In a few days I will transfer some fish from the big pond.  And, I hope Trina won’t be saying I told you so.  We plan to rig up some kind of piping hooked to the pump and make it look like water coming out of a shower head.

Lucy is very suspicious of the camera

Our little Lucy cat had a stroke or some kind of seizure last weekend.  It has been touch and go with her the last several days.  She had been unable to lift her head up and I wasn’t sure she was able to see with both eyes.   The last two days I have seen gradual improvement and today when I went up with the camera to take her photo, she lifted her head all the way up.  Lucy is  a rescue cat I brought home about 15 years ago, she had suffered unthinkable torture from beings that I dare not even call human.  She has lived a good life since I brought her to live with us, but she has been a strange cat that is for sure.  We always joke about crazy Lucy, but we love her and it has been hard to watch her going through this difficult time the last few days.  I’m feeling better about her condition today.

Well that’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

Until next time,



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3 thoughts on “pools with lettuce and bathtubs full of goldfish

  1. Love Charles in the bathtub!!! I had long ago forgotten about this tub – it was abandoned down in the barn!! And I do remember dried concrete on it – what a good thing you are doing to re-use it – it will look great with fish and floating plants!! I will see if I can come to the Open House – i want to buy some iris!

  2. Creativity at its best. So looking forward to the Open House. Saving as we speak! And yes, Charles in the tub — priceless.


  3. Your style is really unique in comparison to other people I’ve read – “” stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this blog.

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