tearing down fences and buried time capsules

When a certain aspect of your life changes; something that has become a part of your daily life – a routine that you don’t even realize you have is suddenly gone – then you become more aware.

The past several mornings as I waited for my cup of coffee to be ready, I would stand at the kitchen window looking out for a familiar face.  After the second morning of catching myself doing this I realized that it was something I did all along, without thinking.  I have a split second of panic, where is Clyde?  Then I remember he is gone.

I am picking up the pieces and moving on, but not forgetting.  Yes, I’ll be okay.  I feel extremely fortunate, and moved by the number of people who took time to express sympathy towards me for the passing of my Clyde.  Many of my friends contacted me, but I was surprised and touched by the number of strangers that shared heartfelt condolences.  I must say thank you all.

A fresh start.

some of the old bottles I recently dug up from our yard

Charles and I have been so very busy with projects around the place getting ready for the studio open house.  One of the things we have talked about for sometime was removing the fence we had in the back yard.  It was a horrible eye sore, no other way to describe it.  Many years ago we fenced in several acres around the back of the property, with a traditional board fence.  This was the area designated for our dogs.  They had shelter and food and water and lots of room to run free, yet be safe.   The board fencing started falling apart a few years back about the same time we added a small addition to the house.   The addition required that we re-do part of the fencing.  It wasn’t in the budget at that time to go back with board fencing, so we put up the wire fence.  In the years since then, the fence had become an ugly eyesore and  the back yard sadly neglected, other than the minimal mowing maintenance.  The dog numbers have gone down from a one time high of eleven dogs, to our lone beagle, Betsy.  She has found every loose, sagging, or wide enough spot for her to wiggle through.  In other words, the fencing is not keeping her in the back yard.  Now that Clyde is gone – seems there isn’t any point to keeping that ugly fence up.

Charles covers the new grass seed

fresh dirt and straw - you bet the cats are checking it out!

Charles and I spent a good part of this past weekend removing the fence. For every section of the fence we pulled down, I let out a loud cheer!  Sections of the yard were tilled and re-planted with grass seed. It was bitter-sweet.  There were times we had to stop and wipe away our tears.  All those years and all the great dogs we have had in our lives.    Then the gruesome silly laughter set in, as we talked about the next family that would one day live here and if they were to start digging in the yard, the discovery they would make.  All the pets we have buried over the years in many, many locations throughout the property.  Holy cow, the new owners might think we were part of some kind of sadistic cult, offering animal sacrifices.  Sometimes you just have to find the humor and laugh.

path going back to the studio has been made wider with new flower beds and border

Charles spreading the gravel outside the studio

With the fence coming down there was more satisfaction.  My sister Holly made this large art sculpture/bell for Charles many years ago for a Christmas gift.  We have had it in various places in the yard, on the porch, by the grill as a dinner bell and quite frankly none of those locations really seemed like the right spot.  We had to patch up an old well hole that was right at the fence line.  A slab of concrete was placed over the opening  for future access, this provided a great spot for the bell – and at long last taa daa! The bell is in the perfect location, as the sun sets in the evening it shines through the glass and it is brilliant.

The bell is finally in the right spot - everything is leaning in this photo - no matter all is right

Thinking of someone digging in our yard  made our discussion lead to time capsules, and buried treasure.  I told Charles I always wanted to find one that someone had hidden and that I always wanted to hide my own.  What would I put in it?  Would I write a note explaining what I put in and why?  Or would I leave it as a mystery and intrigue for the finder?  I think I am going to work on this one.

Would you hide a time capsule or buried treasure?  What would you put in it?

Until next time,



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2 thoughts on “tearing down fences and buried time capsules

  1. Oh my – It’s gorgeous! Ya know — this just goes to show that what may be a homeowners “eyesore” no one else ever notices. For instance, I always though it was such a great idea of the fence being just outside the studio so you could use it as a display for many of your artistic expressions.

    This gives me encouragement to begin working in my own yard and creating that flower bed I’ve been wishing for out front for so very long now. It’s going to be a major undertaking but I can do it little bits at a time. 🙂

    And, I now realize that what I may consider my “eyesore” in my own backyard may be invisible to others as well.

    Thank you for that realization and thank you for being you. I now realize why your FBing time and face-to-face time has been limited. Y’all are doing great work!


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