cats, dogs or dresses?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and apparently the same came be said for my dog designs.

Mother Nature – she played a cruel joke on us this weekend, after having treated us  for several days to such lovely weather with temps in the high 70’s she tossed a blanket of light snow and cold temps to throw us off.

Speaking of jokes…

Our schedule this past weekend included a party at the home of the couple that are our veterinarians, at which time it was planned that I would present two new designs to them.  These designs will be offered for sale for the first time at the open house.  The proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to the Fork Union Animal Emergency Treatment Fund.

Let me go back a minute here.  Some years ago, after the loss of my very special dog, Cook-out –  Cookie to her friends,  I found that I was so overcome with grief that I was unable to create any art that involved dog figures.  After a good deal of time had passed, my friend, the vet, was over visiting in the studio one day and in her most matter of a fact, southern drawl way she told me to get over it and make some dog art.  I was encouraged by her words and soon came up with my dog napkin and paper towel holders and mirrors.

Not wanting to show up at the party without designs to present, and get the motivation speech again. I knew I had to find my inspiration and come up with something, even though the recent passing of my dog has left me feeling uninspired.  I made a couple of preliminary designs this week.

I am fortunate to have great friends, I know I can trust them to be honest and give me good feed-back.  Friday night I had them over for dinner, it was the perfect opportunity to get their opinions before I showed them to the doctors, especially since there is a history of at least one person not getting my dog designs in the past.

Last year at my open house, a couple – who just happen to be very good friends of ours had a conversation, that I can laugh about now, but at the time I was completely dumbstruck. Anyway, the husband says to the wife, “I want to get one of those dog paper-towel holders, that Kim makes for our kitchen.”  The wife has this very confused look on her face – it is obvious that she doesn’t have a clue what her husband is talking about.   Mind you, this conversation is taking place while they stand in front of an entire display full of dog paper towel holders.  Finally the wife asks the husband what he is talking about and he points to the  holder and says these.  She replies “those aren’t dogs, they are dresses.”


So, I whipped out the new dog and cat designs Friday, showed them to the ladies AND they all thought they were cats.

Big Sigh.

I took them to the party and showed them to Dr. DeNae, and the wife who thought the dog was a dress she was there too, and they both said they thought the dog looked like a dog to them.

Really Big Sigh.

So, what do y’all think?  Dogs, Cats or dresses?

here is the old dog designs - group of napkin holders - "dresses"

new sun catchers - there really is only one dog in this photo

Until next time,


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You are invited to attend the spring open house and sale on May 14th.

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One thought on “cats, dogs or dresses?

    Oh Kim – you are just too funny! Okay, so the dog sun catcher hanging amongst the cat sun catchers really does look like a dog to me now! 🙂 And, I can see how the paper towel and napkin holders could be confused as dresses by some. But, that’s a good thing — when I look at those designs, they are reminiscent of the ink drawings where different people see different things! How talented you must be to create a design that would appeal to not only dog lovers but to fashionistas as well.

    Yep – that’s what I think. I believe that with your enviable and magical talents you possess that you subconsciously created a design that would appeal to the masses. I say congratulations to you my dear friend – congratulations indeed!


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