April showers bring May flowers.  Transitional weather cool one day, warm the next and rain.  I keep reminding myself to be patient.  Eventually it will be warm and stay that way.

My kiln has been running non-stop for a couple of weeks.  When I run the kiln like this I get into a routine.  Loading and unloading, going back and forth from the house to the studio to see if the kiln has cooled down enough for me to open and remove the contents and then re-load.  I wake up in the middle of the night and contemplate making the trip out to the studio to check on everything.  The excitement gets the better of me, I feel like a kid sneaking down to look at presents under the Christmas tree.  I just love the thrill of opening up that kiln, I just never know for sure what I might find.  That is the joy and the agony of working with glass, it is a learning process that never ends and each piece of glass holds a surprise for me.


I have been putting much time into creating my Steam Whistles Design line of art which I plan to introduce to the public for the first time in May at the open house. I have  found I really had to make a shift in my thinking process to go from working with glass to working with found objects.  The whole design and thought process seems to be completely different for me.  I wonder after I’ve done this for a while and get more comfortable creating collage work, will I feel differently?

A friend was in the studio the other week and she commented on a wall collage that I had on the work table.  She said when she saw that piece that she would really like to get in my head and know what I was thinking.  That kind of worried me.  If this collage work only makes sense to me – will people be interested in it?  After some thought though, I came to the conclusion that making people think and wonder and question –  isn’t that part of the power of art?

the collage in question


Why have I taken my peace and quiet and calm and privacy and traded that for a public open house?

The dread has started to set in.  What have I gotten myself into?  I’ve been busy doing a gazillion and one things to get ready for May 14th.  My excitement and enthusiasm I started out with has turned to panic and worry and I still have a month to go.  How will I get everything done in time? I’ve placed ads both as call to artists and advertising the open house.  I made the commitment to donate funds to two separate charities, I’ve created new designs to donate the proceeds from and I am in the process of finalizing details with a group that will be performing live music.  Yes, live music this year, HOORAY!  The studio looks like a complete disaster area.  I have everything pulled out and spread from one end to the other.  I have projects, many projects in various stages of completion on every available surface and hanging from the rafters – that’s no joke.

did someone say mess?

new work hanging from the rafters


Mr. Bonez in his bed before the take over

Amid all the chaotic activity in the studio, Betsy, our beagle took over the cat bed that belongs to Mr. Bonez.  No, that has not gone over well at all.

Betsy thinks she fits fine in the cat bed

It was coming to blows, Mr. Bonez was taking a swipe at Betsy every opportunity available and in only a way that a cat having a fit can do.

The solution  – I purchased a dog bed for Betsy to have in the studio, large enough for her to actually fit in.  However, Mr. Bonez refuses to get back in his bed at this time because it smells like a dog. He just sits and stares at Betsy while she blissfully sleeps in her new abode.  Ah transitions.  Even the animals have to deal with it.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

You are invited to attend the studio open house on May 14th.

One thought on “transitions

  1. Yes, my dear friend, making people think and wonder and question – that IS the power of art indeed. What comes to my mind (and I know each mind is very unique) — the prayer that begins, “Lamb of God, I look to Thee; Thou shalt my example be; Thou art gentle, meek, and mild,
    Thou wast once a little child.” I see big horn sheep. I see angels singing and looking over the flock. I see pure innocence and for that, I see a bautiful part of your mind that I do wish to crawl into from time to time.

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