when the bee stings and the crap rises sing out loud!

admittedly, this hasn’t been the best week for me.

start low

The best of the worst things that I can tell you all about is that I started my week by being stung, not once but multiple times by a wasp.  Yeah, I rolled over in bed at about 5:30 and wham the first sting.  Right to the back of the head, I sat straight up, and wham again in the neck.  In the dark, but now I am fully awake but scrambling to stop the pain. I am batting at my head and continuing to get stung.  Finally I realized that the wasp was trapped between my hair and the collar of my pj’s. I yanked off my top and flung it across the room.  I had cats flying in all directions, screams coming from both them and me.  The crowning moment was me hoping around butt naked except for my glow in the dark pink Snoopy slippers trying to stomp the life out of that SOB!  When it was all said and done, I had stings all over my head, neck and shoulders – the wasp got away.

Now for the crappy part of the week.

wait for it!

Our septic tank needed to be pumped out.  I won’t go into any of the gory details.  I will say though that Charles had to dig up the yard to get to the opening of the tank.  He had a nice hole in the yard which he covered with a board and the large pile of dirt he covered with a tarp to keep dry from the rain.  Then the barking started.  Yup, the barking.  Betsy was convinced that the white tarp in the yard was some kind of alien being and it was her duty to alert the entire county of the landing.  Consider yourself warned!

It has been an incredibly discouraging week in the studio and I’ll leave it at that.  Just as I was wallowing in self-pity in a grand fashion, a wonderful and generous contribution was made to Charles and I, by my brother-in-law and sister for our open house.  I am reminded to be thankful and look for the positive.

let it all hang out and sing out loud!

And sing out loud!

Until next time,



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One thought on “when the bee stings and the crap rises sing out loud!

  1. Crappy week indeed huh! I have to admit that while feeling so sorry for you with that wasp incident that I was chuckling getting the visual of you stomping and prancing around in your glow in the dark snoopy slippers! I hope your doing better now though. And yes, always knew y’all were full of s**t. LOL Love you girl…..

    “If you need a friend
    I’m sailing right behind
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind “

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