ladders, chainsaws and lots of pain-t

As he was climbing the ladder Charles exclaimed "why did I ever let these boxwoods get this tall?"

Yup it is countdown to the studio open house.   I can say that the Critzer’s are scrambling every which way to  prepare for this event.  Last year at this time I was a bundle of nerves wondering if I should go through with it.  I can honestly say that the feeling Charles expressed about those boxwoods getting out of hand is a little like what I am feeling right now too.   I too, know that once it is all said and done I am going to stand back and feel pretty good about the situation just like Charles did when he got down off that ladder.  However, right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  My friend told me to delegate.  I love that – what a novel idea.  Any volunteers?

Crazy busy in the studio creating many new designs.  Many of these designs are centered around outdoor living and gardening.  Crazy busy working in the yard too.   I will have a new display area set up to display the plants that will be for sale and my new garden art.  This area is off to the right of the studio and I am calling it the woodland garden.  I like to think of this area as being a mystical place full of wood nymphs, and other wonderful spirits.  It is shady and tranquil, moss-covered paths leading to the surrounding forest, it is  full of songs from birds and the sound of a fountain bubbling away – in the dog pool – how classy is that!

kooky bird fused glass trellis - one of the new items

Mr. Bonez helps me trans-plant the lily of the valley

Back in the front yard, armed with the chain saw and brush ax, Charles cleared a new pathway for vehicles to access the yard for parking and setting up the display areas for the exhibitors, something he has been wanting to do for a long time.  He hauled away multiple pick-up loads of brush.  Before the chain saw lunatic could get going good, I dug up the Lily of the Valley and transplanted them to the woodlands.

I just love these little plants

We removed several pieces of soap-stone we had in another area of the yard and placed part of it under the new fire pit which left us with a few left over pieces.  Charles asked me where I wanted them and my decision – to make new steps for the studio.  After the stone was placed atop the cinder block, there was a gap between the stone and the wall a couple of inches wide – I made a form using mesh wire, bent that into shape then layered it with burlap and planted Irish moss, filling in with soil and mulch.

the beginning of the project

The moss has been in place for a couple of weeks now and seems to be doing quite well.

finished project

Oh and the paint – Charles has been busy giving everything a new coat of paint, the studio, the pump house and a new picnic table.

fresh coat of paint for the studio

The pump house

Charles is painting over the "corn flowers" under the moon and stars that I painted at least ten years ago. Actually I was kind of sad to see the flowers go.

New picnic table placed under the spirit tree – ready for a party

the new table with a fresh coat of paint - just waiting to be used at the open house

Whew – that’s just some of the project we have been busy doing.  Sure hope y’all will join us for the open house and see for yourselves.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

Join us for the open house and sale May 14th.

Participating Exhibitors

 3 Wishes Studio ~ Fused Glass
Steam Whistles Designs ~ Mixed Media Altered Art 
 Moon Dance Designs
 Knitted Designs by Leslie
 Tomanek Collection ~ Underwater Pictures
 Photography by Justine Crickenberger
 Holly Allen ~ Kazuri Bead Jewelry
 Hobbit House ~ Stained Glass
  Ned Carle ~ Bird Houses
 Crafts by EJ ~ Hand Made Greeting Cards

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