the sweetest things

When life becomes this big busy –  well life.  I forget to just stop and take a moment – a moment to reflect, to breath and to just be.

All this spring grandeur has been happening around me and I think I have been observant and aware, and then all the sudden I realize that I am missing out because I am so busy and that just isn’t right.  That isn’t who I am.

I loaded my memory card on my computer and realized the moments that I thought were worth capturing with my camera are gone and I didn’t enjoy them enough at that time.  That is one of the reasons that I love taking pictures.  I can’t get those moments back, but at least I can reflect on them through the images.

i was taking a photo of the water iris - i didn't even realize that the frog was there. that's not like me.

Busy has been good.  The end result will be for good.  What I am not okay with is not being myself.  This seals the deal.  I’m not a very good multi-tasker.

I am reminding myself to slow down, observe and truly be in the moment.

Reminding myself of the sweetest things…

butterfly and money plant - the seeds came from my mother many years ago and I have sown them throughout my gardens to have her memory with me always

Thankful that we both slowed down a moment to save a piece of nature.  When trimming Charles is always mindful not to disturb occupied nests. If he comes across an old nest, he saves them for me if he can.


He had to work with exceptional care to save this one.  The construction was  delicate and intricate on the inside, however the birds had surrounded the outside with a stronger support of larger twigs – it is fairly large – over a foot across, and the construction is impressive.  Leaves, twigs, mulch, various pieces of plastic.  It was woven tightly in the branches of this bush.

Mr. Bonez wants to see the nest too

The nest has been lovingly placed inside a basket and is now in our house with our collection.

Feeling honored that the phoebe family has returned to their nest on the front porch that they made last year.  They added a little more moss to it this year.

sitting patiently

The fact that many birds are known to return to their same nesting spots – is the thing that makes me agonize over taking nest that we find when we are doing yard work.  Should I?  Or shouldn’t I?

And Tweet, Tweet –

That’s me blowing my own horn.  There is a nice write-up in our little local paper about the studio open house.  You may read the article in the Rural Virginian here. I sure hope to see you here on the 14th, please come support our local talent.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Steam Whistles Designs

You are invited to attend the Spring Open House and Sale on May 14th.

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