it makes sense now

“The crazy colors and the weird things in your yard, now all make sense to me.”  said a recent visitor to the studio.

I had the opportunity this weekend to meet some very nice people.  Nice indeed.  Seems, not everyone got the word that the open house has been postponed until the 28th.  They came and they shopped and they purchased.  What’s not to like.

I have to be completely honest, though, I’m still struggling with this whole thing about opening my home up to strangers and then I have a great day like I did this past Saturday, and meet all these nice people and I feel really ridiculous for ever having doubts.

Nice folks that didn’t mind the rain, didn’t mind getting wet feet.   They wanted to know about my art, they were interested AND they didn’t mind that I looked like hell and was coughing and gasping my way through the conversations.  They all had kind words of advice to heal my bad cough  Seems everybody thought a good cup of strong herbal tea and honey would do the trick.  A few thought a shot of bourbon was in order.

These are the neighbors that I don’t know.  By neighbors, I mean nearby country folks.  Some that don’t live nearby.  Some that said they have driven by the house many times and wondered what  the deal was with our unusual place.  A few confessed to stopping in the driveway and staring.  Several said that just driving by that they had no idea just how special of a place it was until they got out and walked around. Wow, could you ask for anything nicer to be said about your home?  And if that isn’t enough to make me swell up with good, happy feelings, then how about this.

A woman and her daughter came for a visit, they just live a few miles down the road.  The mother’s name is Denise, I had met her several years ago.  She is one of those people that I run into every few years and I think why haven’t I kept in touch with her – I like her.  Her daughter is Megan she is 17 years old.  Megan really made my day.  Actually they both made my day.  I feel really happy for Denise, because she has raised a beautiful, thoughtful young lady.   Since my children are of the four-footed variety – I don’t know all the ins and outs of raising children – I know it can’t be easy, and I often hear stories and see kids that I think – THANK GOD they aren’t mine!  Megan, she was an inspiration. I’m going to share this email that I received from Megan, because I think her actions deserve a shout out!

Hello Mrs. Critzer,

This is Megan, I bought a pair of earrings and the clock gear ring from you today.
I wanted to let you know that I love them so much.  I tried on the earrings and don’t want to take them out.
I am sure that I will receive many compliments on my new jewelry, and I will make sure to tell all of my friends about your website.
(I know what I am going to put on my Christmas list this year)
Thank you so much
P.S. You did an amazing job designing your website.

Wow.   It isn’t just that Megan likes my work and purchased something from me – obviously that makes me feel good.  What makes me feel great is that this young woman has been raised to be respectful and thoughtful enough to write a message to me.    Nice.

Another inspirational visit came from another couple.  At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think about these two, at first they were kind of quiet – didn’t say much.  I figured they must have been thinking I’m some kind of crazy nut making weird shit and calling it art.  Turns out that’s exactly what they think.  Also, turns out that our place has been the topic of discussion for quite some time.  They are some of those people that have been stalking the place.  Stopping in the driveway, reading the name on the mail box and wondering “what in the world is going on in that house?”  Fay and George, actually live in the next county over but they take the scenic trip past our place weekly, because they volunteer at Caring For Creatures. They stayed for a good visit, through the down pour and while others came and went, they had me explaining this that and the other.  George wanted one of my new garden sculptures and Fay purchased the first cat sun-catcher that the proceeds will be donated to the Fork Union Animal Clinic Emergency Treatment Fund.  I can’t mention that she also purchased something else, because George isn’t supposed to know.  We talked about our pets and birds (Fay belongs to a local Blue Bird society), and snakes (they were heart-broken because a snake ate their baby Phoebies that morning) and about gardening.  Fay says she is going to bring an orchid to me that I can’t kill.  Fay has a green house and grows orchids.  Am I jealous – yup!  Upon parting George told me I needed some rest and a shot of bourbon and that if I heard a car drive by from now on and honk, it was just them saying hello. I’ll be listening and Fay said she couldn’t wait to tell people she now knows the people that live in the house with all the crazy colors and it now makes perfect sense.

Thank you all – you gave me much happiness.

Until next time,



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Steam Whistles Designs

You are invited to attend the Spring Studio Open House and Sale May 28th.

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