Eventually, I’ll get around to it, they’ll show up and a dream will be caught.

I received a message late Friday night, from a gentleman that said he would be travelling to the area on Saturday and wanted to schedule a visit to the studio.  I replied that we would be around working and he was welcome to drop on by.

Mid morning I received another message from a woman who lives about an hour away,  she explained that she is a friend of the man who is travelling to the area from five hours away.  She said he was caught in traffic, but they still wanted to come.  Could they make it a little later than originally scheduled.  Sure that would be fine, I said.

The tents have now been up for two weeks, because of the rain delay. Which gave me plenty to keep me busy. I ended up having to pull the rugs out of my booth and dry them out, which basically meant I had to re-do the entire two displays.  We had one soggy, awful mess on the ground, but the tents held up well.  Charles had rigged up a gutter inside between the two, to catch the water and have it run out of the back of the tent, rather than down into the middle.

Worked like a charm.  Not one drop of water inside on any of my stuff – hoo-ray!

I finally completed a new group of earrings this week, made from old wood measuring sticks.  I worked on the display arrangement for them on Saturday.

I made a couple of industrial chic tables with the assistance of Charles.  Yeah, I’ve had these signs a few years now.  They were purchased at a yard sale for me by a friend. Several times they came close to getting thrown out, I kept saying eventually, I would get around to doing something with them.

I finished these steam punk gear-rings this week too, and put up the display.

Where are those people?  They should have been here by now.

I received a traffic update from the couple, he was still stuck in traffic.  Could they please still come?  Yes, that would be okay.

Went back to work on putting stuff back in place.

Also worked on getting the garden art in place.

Finally, the cocktail hour arrived.  We set up an old-fashioned fun game of bean bag toss, and Charles and I enjoyed a margarita or two and couple of rounds with the bean bags out by the pond while we waited for the couple to arrive.  Sorry, no photos, too busy swilling margaritas and tossing bean bags.

After many messages back and forth and apologies all around.  I came to understand that the gentleman was travelling to Virginia from Pennsylvania to visit with his friend, and he had chosen my studio as the place he wanted to spend time with his friend. What an honor.  He had been in the car driving/stuck in traffic all day long.  How could I possibly say no you can’t come after all that he had been through?

Eventually, they arrived in time for last call and stayed until nightfall.  We had a lovely visit with them and the best part was he made secret purchases for his friend on the sly.  I just love surprises like that!  And, they said they enjoyed themselves and plan to come back next week for the open house.  I can not believe that he is going to drive all the way back down again, lucky us.  Her words, not mine – you better get on the road earlier next week, so you don’t get stuck in traffic all day and miss the festivities.

Sunday came and we spent the day doing more yard work.

Charles out on the north 40 tilling up more garden space for my favorite four letter word – CORN!

Notice anything different about Charles?  He is 30 pounds lighter, thanks to his new daily work-out routine.

Four short rows of corn for now, and eventually a few more rows in a week or two.

Meanwhile I was out front digging up cleome plants and transplanting them to a new location, another one of those eventually, I’ll get around to doing it, things.  In pulls a vehicle, that we didn’t recognize.  It was a couple that asked if they could look around.  They were driving through the area and saw our place and thought it looked intriguing.  His name is Richard, and he has been chasing a dream for 70 years – to purchase a motorcycle,  he kept saying he would eventually get that bike.  Richard and Mary were in the area from Urbana, Va, a few hours drive from here, and today was the day he was gonna get that motorcycle. Charles says when he shook hands with Richard it was like shaking hands with a steel pole.  Mary and Richard enjoyed a visit at the pond and a walk around the gardens, but then a drop of rain fell, and Richard wanted to hurry along, he didn’t want to ride his new motorcycle home in the rain.  They thanked us for our time and hospitality and off they went to get their dream.

I sure hope that when Charles and I are Richard and Mary’s age, that we will still be chasing dreams, and catching them too.

Until next time,



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