meet Mr. and Mrs. nice – they aren’t married

There I was the Friday night before the studio open house, exhausted and thinking to myself – how can people still expect more from me?  I felt like I was doing everything I could to please people, and yet it wasn’t enough.  I was frustrated and tired, I needed a shower and some sleep before the big day.

Along came Mr. Nice.

A car pulls up to the house and all I could think was great another stranger that wants something from me.  Shame on me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Out of the car comes a man with a big smile and he asks “are you Kim?”  I replied, “Yeah, that’s me” – not in the most enthusiastic way.  “Hi, I’m Will Tomanek.”

Will, was supposed to be selling his work at the open house, but at the last-minute something came up and he had to go out-of-town.  We had never actually met.  I had been looking forward to meeting him and seeing his work in person.  Will, does photography, but not just any photography – he takes underwater images.  I was extremely disappointed when he had to cancel being here.

Will handed  4 photos and a stack of post cards to me, explaining that he wanted to donate them for me to use in a silent auction with the proceeds going to the charities of my choice.  How cool is that – I mean that is nice, really nice.  Generous, he went out of his way  to come over to my house the night before hitting the road, to extend an act of kindness to someone he didn’t know.  By all means check out Will’s work.

The afternoon of the open house, Charles brought to my attention a couple that he had been talking with.  A nice bright smile and an introduction later, and there I was talking to Mrs. Nice – Caroline Jones.  I had never met her in person before, but I sure know who she is.  We had met several months ago on-line at an artists support site.  We had communicated back and forth a few times.  I like her work, it is sly and a little dark and well, it is Bent Whims Studio, perhaps you have seen her work –  She has been in a number of publications.  Caroline and her husband, Phil, took time out of a busy schedule to come to the open house – I was thrilled.  The icing on the cake – sweet, sticky icing – the kind that you oohh and ahh over – she brought me this

a box full of scrap glass.  Even though she doesn’t work with glass, she had acquired it some time ago thinking that she would some day use it.  She had decided that it had been collecting dust long enough. She gave it to me.  Yeah – not just all kinds of scrap glass, but magnifying lenses of some type were included to. I don’t know what they were originally used for, but they sure are going to be cool to use in my found art collages.

Mrs. Nice – thank you!

Caroline, really inspired an idea for me.  While we were talking, she explained that she and her husband were working on creating a new studio space in their home.  I’ve encouraged her to share photos with me, and I’m thinking that this would be a great idea to blog about.  People that create – art, music, sew, knit, write, or whatever form they express themselves with – need and want and have a space that they do that in.  I thought it would be nice if I could get my readers to share their special spaces with me and my readers.  If you don’t already have a space, but dream about some day having a dedicated one, share that too.  So, if you create – and you want to share your story and your space with me.  Send a message, photos, a brief description and we will see where it goes from here.  So, get off your butt and share with me.  Contact Kim.

The nice factor sure feels good.  I’m basking in the glow of thank fullness.

Until Next Time,



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