pasta, pizza, pole dancing and people watching

My girlfriend says I need to get out of the country more.

So, I headed out to the city last Friday night, and what a yummy night I had.  It wasn’t just the food – which by the way really was delightful, it was the girl time that we had.  Having had a very difficult week in my personal life, a night out with the friend was just the ticket.

A couple of bottles of wine, a nice light Pino Grigio  and we each choose a dish and then split it – fettucine chicken and shrimp with basil cream sauce, and white pizza – over the top too much food and we ate every single bit of it.

We were amused by this little guy.

I’m a thinkin’ that LD’s pedicure  is looking good and maybe I need one of those.

My date

The camera was turned over to her.  Many of these photos aren’t in focus – might be because she isn’t familiar with my camera, could have been the wine.  Either way I’m thinking that it gives them a special quality.

Pole dancing

I don’t think this woman is too impressed with the pole dancers

people watching

I decided this guy is a multi-millionaire

Friends on a balcony – wait take another look at the guy on the right

What happened to this dude?

That had to hurt!

Oh I wish this one was in focus – it makes me feel like I am back in Europe.


I had a fabulous time with the friend hanging out in the city, and because of that, it made coming back home to the country all that more wonderful.

Thank you friend.



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