maybe this is personal

Many, if not all of my post have a personal note to them because my personal life is what my art is about.  If you pay attention, read between the lines and really read what I write then you know that my creative side is most certainly influenced by what is going on in my personal life.

Maybe I am indulging in a little sentimental sappiness here, because I’ve been holding my breath until I could get through the events of the past few days .

My dad had surgery on Friday, and without going into too much, our family situation is that no matter how minor a surgery it might be, it turns into a major production that the entire family needs to be on high alert for.  Our family sailed through the long day in great fashion and for that I am so grateful.

This is kind of my salute to my dad on this father’s day.  I could go on and on and tell you about what a great dad he is and how much I love him, how he has been there for me and believed in me, even at my worst times.

When I look into my dad’s eyes I see myself in so many ways.  Charles says that I have that same bull-headed Olinger blood as my dad.  Thank you very much.

One of my creative pursuits that I share with my dad is a love of photography.  This is something that he has been interested in for as far back as I can remember.  My dad has an incredible library of slides that he has taken over the years.  Slide shows in his den are a for sure.  Photos of family events, trips, work related and just pure enjoyment.

Charles and I have been dreaming of purchasing a really nice camera for a long time and learning how to take decent photos.  Recently that dream came true for us because of a financial gift from my parents.

We debated doing all kinds of responsible adult investments with the funds.  However, I increasingly felt I wanted to have something tangible that I could put my hand on and say this is exactly what I used that money for.  I also wanted it to be something that was really personal and was something I could share with my dad.

In a flash the idea came to me what could be more appropriate to use the money to purchase that long dreamed about camera.

After a bit of research and input from my dad and friends that are photographers, I made the decision which camera to purchase.

The camera arrived a few weeks ago.

Truth of the matter, I don’t have the first clue about taking photos.  I can honestly say this is one of the few, very rare times in my entire life that I have actually read the manual.  I’ve actually read it multiple times, and will continue to read it because I remain clueless.  But determined.

Reflecting on the gifts that I have received from dad, I’m not talking about that great camera that I’ve wanted for a long time, but the things that are strong and deep, the things that matter and that make me who I am.  The stubborn bull-headed blood, the strong sense of right and wrong.  The passion that I feel for the things that are meaningful to me.  My sense of loyalty toward family and friends.  These are the gifts that I carry with me every single day.  For that I am forever appreciative.

June 19th, not only is it father’s day this year, it is also my parent’s wedding anniversary, and if I have done the math correctly, this is their 57th anniversary.  That is pretty impressive.

A little thing that became a tradition between my dad and I in recent years was the opening of our lotus at the pond.  Charles would haul out the big 10 foot ladder and place it in position, because the plant was out in the center of the pond and quite tall, you had to get up high in order to see the beautiful center of it. When I knew the lotus was going to open I would phone dad.  He would pack up his camera and come down and take photos of that flower.  He has a lovely photo he took a few years ago framed and hanging on the wall in their den.  I always feel a special sense of pride when I go over and see that picture.

We have a new lotus this year, a gift to us from someone.  It is in a pot out by the pond.  Early this morning it opened.  I was giddy with delight going out with my new camera to take photos to share with my dad.  Sad that he couldn’t be here today to share in this moment, but proud that I’ll be able to share my pictures with him, thanks to his gift.  Isn’t it divine intervention, that it should bloom today?

Happy Father’s Day all and to my parents – happy anniversary.


4 thoughts on “maybe this is personal

  1. Lovely sentiments Kim. I lost my father a number of years ago and I feel the same way as you do about your Dad- he taught me so much and I am so like him. Lovely first photo in the post – I’d say you will put that camera to good use!

    Hugs Crazy Karen

  2. Bull headedness — yep and I love it and love you. Happy Father’s Day Mr. Olinger and may I just say that you have one heck of a daughter!


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