thunderbird frog jam part 1

Recently Charles and I had the opportunity to play tourist in our own neighborhood.  It was rather nice, as we have so much local history here, which is something we both enjoy and there was food involved another great motivator for us!

We went to Michie Tavern and Carter Mountain Orchard, two local places that we each have working ties to.  These places, for those of you that don’t know, are in Charlottesville, VA, and are located near Monticello.

Can you believe that I got to go to work every day at this incredibly beautiful place?  I kid you not though, it was hard work.

I worked as a tavern wench in The Ordinary, the summer that I graduated from high school, and Charles did work on the mountain when he was employed with the Virginia Department of Forestry.






I also received much of my training and working knowledge of antiques through classes I attended with one of the docents from Michie’s, about 25 years ago, and then more recently about 10 years ago, I sold my home-made herbal dip mixes and jams through the General Store at the tavern.

Charles and I reminisced on our adventures working at these places.  I was amazed at how much had changed, and yet remained the same in the thirty years since I worked here.  What strikes me is the incredible volume of people who pass through Michie Tavern, and yet they continue to serve food made from scratch and I think that is truly remarkable.  It may not be gourmet dinning, but it is consistent and it is good and in my mind a total thumbs up that they have remained true to this tradition rather than plopping something down that is massed produced and previously frozen, laced with preservatives and god knows what else.

You see all those people?  They are waiting in line to get inside to eat!

I saw my old boss, Greg MacDonald – a true southern gentleman, I wanted to stop and talk with him, but it was obvious that he was quite busy and I thought better of that.

To our surprise when we arrived there was an old car group convention taking place on the grounds.  Total fun for us to walk around and look at all the beautiful old cars.


Charles liked the ones that had the wheel on the rear like this.

I like the round windows – makes me think of a porthole.  Thunderbird – was definitely the word!

After a very filling and satisfying meal we walked around taking pictures. We enjoyed a shopping trip through the general store and metal smith shop.

A few of the things I liked

strangely, I was drawn to a couple of pineapple designs, first the rain chain and then the tiki, normally I think pineapple designs are too traditional for me.



not a pineapple, but colored like one, I like this guy too.

We then headed next door to  Carter Mountain Orchard.  We were on a mission to get fresh peaches for home-made ice-cream!  The rest of our special day playing tourist will be continued in the next post.

Until then,



3 thoughts on “thunderbird frog jam part 1

  1. Ouch, slight slip or something. The pics spots in the text were blank. But at the end there are several pics but they don,t seem to match up with the text. ???

    • Try hitting your re-fresh button on you browser and see if that makes a difference. My browser shows all the pictures as they should be. If that doesn’t work, exit the blog and then re-load. Other wise I’m not sure what to tell you.

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